NOBEARS Group brings partner on board for next growth phase

HEUSDEN, June 22, 2022 – NOBEARS Group, a leading digital full-service agency operating at the crossroads of digitization, technology and online marketing, is gearing up for the next growth phase and bringing Synergia Capital Partners on board. Synergia will support management in its strategic plans to realize its growth ambitions both organically and through acquisitions. The current management led by Dustin Karelse (CEO), Rob Smulders (COO) and Rens van Geel (CMO) remains in place.

NOBEARS ( is a fast growing digital agency that has been named one of the 250 fastest growing scale-ups in our country no less than twice in recent years and has achieved great rankings in FD Gazelle and Emerce Top 100. The company has grown independently for years and realized two acquisitions within the agency world on its own. To take the next step in its growth ambition, NOBEARS began looking for a suitable partner.

Dustin Karelse tells; “We started about a year ago with a broad orientation towards a possible growth partner for our company. The many discussions with parties have provided a great insight into what we were looking for and not looking for. At Synergia, the first conversation immediately clicked on the characters and content. In short, enterprising and daring to think in terms of opportunities, exactly what drives us every day. What also appealed to us is that Synergia is funded by leading top entrepreneurs. In addition to our organic growth, we are very much looking forward to further expanding our services and expertise through acquisitions and thus assisting our customers even more across the board as a full-service partner. ” According to Karelse.

In recent years, the digitalisation market has grown strongly and growth is expected to continue in the coming years. The demand for digital development and marketing is only increasing due to the constantly increasing and changing demand from the market. NOBEARS has built an excellent reputation among its customers as a reliable partner. NOBEARS currently works for customers such as Van Mossel Automotive Group, Jumpsquare Group, Bakker Bart, COOP and De Mandemakers Groep. The common denominator between these companies is that they all continuously strive for the best customer experience.

Rob Smulders, explains: “As a partner for future-oriented companies, we make an ongoing impact. NOBEARS focuses on sustainable customer relationships, where the proposal and services will focus more on realizing an optimal digital customer experience. Think of omnichannel solutions, where systems work together seamlessly to give the consumer the opportunity to go through a flawless customer journey ”. According to Smulders.

Paul van den Heuvel, Chief Investment Officer for Synergia Capital Partners, said: “We are extremely pleased to have been able to join the NOBEARS Group as a shareholder. In recent years, the management team has shown that they can build a We will support the management in the next growth phase of NOBEARS In the coming years, there will be many opportunities for NOBEARS to further strengthen its position in the Benelux, including through targeted acquisitions. In the coming period, we will actively enter the market together with the management to investigate these possibilities. ”According to van den Heuvel.

About Synergy
Synergia Capital Partners is an independent private equity firm that since 1999 has invested in Dutch, medium-sized companies in sectors such as agri & food, industrial production, ICT / software and (care) services.

Synergia is funded by Dutch top entrepreneurs and invests in companies based on the idea that the combination of knowledge and capital leads to greater added value. Based on this vision, this network of entrepreneurs is continuously involved to help accelerate the growth and value creation of participants.

The investment is a participation from Synergia’s fifth fund, following previous investments in For Ever Gladiolen, Viscon Group, Plant World, Pronk Groep, LOA and AIC.

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