Visma takes over Teamleader and becomes a Benelux market leader in work management software

Amsterdam, 23 June 2022 – Visma, European leader in cloud software, acquires Teamleader. This leading international SaaS upscaling offers Work Management software for small and medium-sized businesses. Teamleader is active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and Italy. As a result of the acquisition of Visma, Teamleader is able to accelerate its growth ambitions.

Team Leader was founded in 2012 to help entrepreneurs and SMEs with their business. After several years of developing special software, it became clear to founder Jeroen De Wit that every business needs one complete tool for CRM, bidding, invoicing and project management. An all-in-one solution that helps companies work smarter and at the same time is user-friendly: from the very first customer contact to the follow-up after the sale. That was the reason for the launch of Teamleader Focus: an integrated solution for CRM, project management and invoicing, which meets a great need in SMEs.

In 2019, Teamleader Orbit was launched, intended for companies with between 20 and 1000 employees and with more comprehensive features that need a solution that can be used in larger projects and organizations, but with the same ease of use as the version for SMEs. companies.

This step also proved to be successful. Teamleader expanded to France, Spain, Italy and Germany, which currently account for a quarter of revenue. In Belgium and the Netherlands, the company is the market leader in Work Management software. Now – ten years after its founding – more than 13,000 organizations work with Teamleader, and more than € 10 billion in invoices flow through Teamleader systems.

The number of SMEs and entrepreneurs in Europe continues to rise sharply. In addition, the number of companies wishing to switch to modern secure cloud software is growing rapidly. To meet this growing demand, innovate faster and realize its growth ambitions faster, Teamleader has now become part of Visma.

Jeroen De Wit, Founder and CEO of Teamleader: “The biggest gift we can give our customers is time so they can focus on their core activities. With our software, we remove everything around it as much as possible. For the next phase of our business, it is important that we connect with a good technology partner who can help us with our plans. At Visma, we are part of a winning team, where we retain the autonomy to continue doing business. At the same time, we get extra support in technology, security, trade and business operations, and there are many companies within Visma that serve the same target group as we do. It gives us the opportunity to jointly take advantage of the opportunities that are on the market. ”

John Reynders, Benelux Area Director at Visma: “The way Teamleader helps companies grow appeals to me. I come from an entrepreneurial family and know that passion is the motivation to run a business, but that the business side of running a business is just as important. Teamleader understands service organizations like no other and has created the most user-friendly software on the market. I am proud that the fast-growing Teamleader has chosen its next phase to join Visma. Together we can help service providers focus on their core business by simplifying and automating business processes. ”

Team Leader will continue to operate under its own name and with the current team of 180 employees as an independent part of the Visma Group. Agreements with customers remain unchanged.


About Visma
Visma is one of Europe’s leading providers of mission-critical software for a more efficient and robust society. By simplifying and automating the work of companies and organizations of all sizes, we improve people’s daily lives. With 15,000 employees, 1,200,000 customers in the private and public sectors in the Benelux, Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and Latin America and a net turnover of € 2,081 million in 2021, we are committed to doing better tomorrow than today. Visit for more information.

Visma’s software offering in the Dutch and Belgian markets includes solutions for financial management, HRM, procurement and e-government. Visma Benelux consists of 40 companies, all focusing on business-critical cloud software. Visma is a proud title sponsor for Team Jumbo-Visma, one of the world’s best cycling and speed skating teams.

About Teamleader
Team Leader, an upscaling provider of work management software, ensures that more than 60,000 entrepreneurs and their teams retain control of their work every day. Teamleader provides work management software that enables entrepreneurs to sell, invoice, and schedule work in one place. This means that all relevant information is no longer fragmented across different inboxes, Excel sheets and software. Result: a perfect overview of current sales opportunities, projects and payments. Team Leader serves clients from IT agencies and digital marketers to plumbers and construction companies.

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