Women in Refrigeration: Five Portraits (3)

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Each Verbrugge.

Trade associations, the UN and World Cooling Day goes together to offer women more options in refrigeration technology. Until World Refrigeration Day on June 26, we will be publishing portraits of women in cooling or cooling-related positions.

Linda Reumers
• Position: Sales Assistant
• Company: Bitzer Benelux
Location: Breda
“I am not trained in refrigeration and applied for a new administrative job ten years ago. I liked the technical side of what I do now; I try to learn as much as possible about our products. Refrigeration technology is a sector that is always changing. For example, our company is currently paying close attention to natural refrigerants. “

Hendrine Kalkman
Position: Head of engineer kwt
• Company: Frimex Installation
City: Murder law
“During my studies, I chose refrigeration technology because it is a fine combination of theory and practice. Under the design, every detail is important and you get instant feedback from practice when something does not get cold. What makes my job so special? That I, together with my colleagues, always manage to get a properly functioning installation up and running on time. It’s nice to realize this along with each their contribution. It presents new challenges every day. ”

Cooling Matters: free event for cooling technology on June 30th

KNVvK, NVKL, STEK, GOº Training Center, Post HBO Koudetechniek and Binnenclimate Nederland are arranging an event on 30 June on the occasion of World Refrigeration Day. Various speakers will discuss the theme ‘Cooling – Cooling technology towards a sustainable future’. GEA Heating & Refrigeration makes its truck with innovations accessible. Participation is free. Sign up for this via www.coolingmatters.nl

Jenny van den Bovenkamp
• Position: General Manager
• Company: Aeres Tech / Training Center GO
• Location: Ede
‘I have a special job because education and business meet in a unique way in our center of expertise, among other things because of the partnership with NVKL and STEK. Our didactic model – Learning by doing in an authentic environment – is 100% in line with the target group. Cooling technology is fun because it is a small sector with a lot of enthusiastic people for whom their profession is their hobby. In addition, it is a vital sector that can no longer be ignored in modern society and that improves the quality of life. ”

Wilma Whole bottle
• Function: All-round employee cooling gases
Company: Celsis BV
• Location: Apeldoorn
“I started at Celsis as a warehouse employee; from there I went on to the refrigerant gas department. Technology has always appealed to me. I fill refrigerant gas cylinders, analyze returned recycling cylinders, prepare analysis reports and clean the cylinders. I am the first woman in this department and was immediately admitted. I feel at home at Celsis and with my team; I stand firm and know what I’m talking about. The great thing about this sector is that I contribute to the future because Celsis offers sustainable and energy efficient solutions for cooling and climate technology. “

Each Verbrugge
• Position: Co-owner
• Company: Verbrugge Koeltechniek BV
• City: Boekel
“About ten years ago, I started supporting my father with office work. It quickly expanded into a full-time job, and four years ago I ‘joined’ my father and brother in our family business. The work in refrigeration is full of surprises. It’s not always pleasant surprises, but it’s what makes it dynamic. Refrigeration fitters are proud of their profession. Rightly so, because you will find refrigeration technology almost everywhere, and it is technically comprehensive. And it’s an innovative sector, we never stand still. “

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