Here you can buy a new bike online and you can come and try it in the showroom

Are you looking for a new bike or electric bike and you can no longer see the forest between all the bike shops? we understand that. Take a look at Then you can easily choose a new bike online at home. Do you want to try it or just watch it live? You can, just come to the showroom in Zoetermeer. They’re sitting next to the new McDonalds. The coffee is ready!

“It’s great to shop online, but when you buy a bike, you first want to ride it,” says Diana L’Ami, all-round employee at’s showroom. “You want to feel the material and look at the bike from all sides. That’s why we recently opened this showroom in Bleiswijk in addition to the online shop. It is only fifteen minutes by bike from Zoetermeer, and from the A12 you can drive directly to the industrial area here. “

Beautiful, solid brands sells regular bicycles and various types of e-bicycles. “The brands we sell are all beautiful brands that can withstand beatings,” says Diana. Think of Cortina, Popal, Bird Bike, MichaelBlast and Huyser. We are a brand house dealer for the Huyser brand. They make solid, luxury bikes of Dutch design. It surpasses many nominated brands in award quality and has already won many awards. You can make a lot of beautiful, long trips there. ”

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Enter spontaneously or make an appointment

“You order your bike from us online,” Diana continues. You then make an appointment via the website, or you call or app us if you want to know if we have that bike in stock in the showroom. Of course, you can also spontaneously enter our opening hours on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Then you can choose a bike that we can order for you on the spot. In the meantime, we drink a cup of coffee or tea, and you can ask me or my colleagues about everything you want to know. ”

Sharp prices

The company is part of a bicycle wholesaler that supplies many bicycles to companies in the form of leasing or purchasing. That is why buys in bulk and you often find super sharp offers in the showroom. Not all bicycles are in the showroom. If the model you want is not available now, they can order it for you. They ask for a deposit.

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Warranty and extra service

“If you buy a bicycle from us, you get a two-year guarantee. If you are not satisfied, or if something is broken, you can contact us via the internet, ”explains Diana. “Then one of our technicians will visit you to assess what is wrong and whether the repair is covered by the warranty.”

Fietsuniek is also associated with FietsNED bicycle repair. From the moment you have bought a bicycle or e-bike at, you are guaranteed the best bicycle service at home and on the road. FietsNED has its own workshop with professional bicycle mechanics who know all the brands that sells. How wonderful!

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Delivery from stock

Delivery times for bicycles and e-bikes are often long. Not here. “In principle, we can deliver everything from stock,” says Diana. “When you see a bike in our showroom that you would like, you can probably ride on the same day. This generally does not apply to personalized models and special sizes, but even then it takes less time with us than with other suppliers. ”

Parts and accessories

In addition to all the beautiful bicycle brands, also sells nine thousand (!) Parts and accessories. Think of tires, brakes, luggage carriers and pedals. Are you looking for a bicycle trailer, a highchair, a battery charger, or do you want a basket for your handlebars? They have!

“Most parts and accessories can now only be ordered online,” says Diana. “The intention is to expand the range in our showroom. How wonderful it is when you can immediately take those things with you when you leave our building with your new bike. ”

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Check out the website and come by!

Are you curious about what they all have? Check out the website for Do you want to book an appointment? Then you can call or whatsapp them at number 085-7603703, or send an email to [email protected]

You can work here!

Is your bike still nice, but would you like a new, cool job? Then you can come by and meet Diana. is looking for an employee for Saturdays and / or Sundays. Business students for the holiday periods are also welcome.

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