How to make sure your business stands out at a trade show

Nevertheless, the Dutch cabinet wants to do everything it can to keep society open as long as possible in the event of a new corona wave.

This is good news for many entrepreneurs in our country, now that they have just got their business back on track since the start of the pandemic. Large trade shows and business events are organized again to promote your business. But: how do you really stand out as an entrepreneur at such a fair? In this article you can read some tips such as renting trade show entertainment and giving away free products.

Rent a simulator as fair entertainment

Attending a trade show can lead to more leads in your business. Of course, it does not just happen; you still have to do what is necessary for it. To really stand out, it is advisable to go for something that attracts more attention than the stands of other entrepreneurs. For example, how about renting a simulator as trade show entertainment? This attracts the attention of the visitors in different ways. For example, with a simulator you give an interactive look at what you do and what you sell.

Visitors can get to know your business in a fun way instead of just with leaflets and lectures. This kind of smart equipment ensures a well-attended booth due to its interesting and above all fun character. You guessed it: it also affects the number of visitors to your booth. Many people around a place make sure that new people come because they all want to know what to do or see in a place where the crowd is. It is totally worth investing in renting a simulator as fair entertainment. Also nice: Virtual reality options with VR glasses on your stand.

Go for a real eye-catcher at your trade show booth

Of course, there is much more to do than just renting trade show entertainment. In any case, make sure it stays fun and eye-catching. Folders with information and business cards are of course a real must-have, but it certainly should not be the only thing you can offer at the fair. So go for a real eye-catcher on your stand; this could be anything. Think, for example, of a wall-filled print with neon lighting on which you have something fun printed, such as your company’s motto or a striking statement.

What is also amazing is (if the fair allows it) a floating cube over your stand with the necessary lighting and all sorts of striking colors. It can not be crazy or even extreme enough. Get the eye-catching atmosphere back in the rest of the decor of your booth. Please note: Make sure the colors, prints and lighting match what your business stands for. You can advertise as colorful on a booth; if it does not suit your business, it is not a match. So choose only eye-catchers and designs that directly reflect what you are selling or renting.

Offer free products or services at your booth

Finally, it is good to know that the Dutch love free products or services. It’s probably not news to you, but what’s interesting to note is that you can do a lot with your trade show booth with it. Now that the number of businesses in the Netherlands has only grown in recent years, this is one of the ways you can attract visitors to your booth. It obviously depends on what you are selling or renting. A holiday park owner needs other goodies to give away than a makeup seller.

But in either case, you can offer everything. Think of a nice goodie bag with discount coupons, samples of sunscreen, a (virgin) cocktail, travel brochures and summer recipes when you do something in the travel industry. Or offer a free summer drink or snack at your stand. If you sell care products or other things, it is easy to make test products and give them away. In short: everything is possible to attract visitors with free products. Be clear that there is something to pick up and you will see that visitors will flock to the stand like proverbial flies on honey.

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