The company sees profits increase with a 4-day working week and Monday off

The American company Wanderlust Group introduced mandatory Mondays free and successfully. According to the CEO, a 4-day work week without Monday offers many positive benefits. For the employees and the company.

More and more companies are discovering that a 40-hour work week is not the best option when it comes to their employees’ productivity and well-being. The same is true of the American Wanderlust Group. Manager Mike Melillo tells Fast Company that the company experienced increased productivity as well as profits after introducing a 4-day work week.

He also explains why he has explicitly chosen Monday as his day off.

Monday free in 4-day working week

Melillo is the CEO of Wanderlust Group, the parent company of Dockwa and, platforms where boat owners can reserve seats in ports. He came with free Monday policy when he came Sunday night Game of Thrones and looked up to him going back to work tomorrow. “If I look up to the next day Sunday night, I shouldn’t be at work,” he explains of his choice for the 32-hour work week. “Work must be something you are passionate about.”

Melillo used the Sundays, consciously and unconsciously, to plan the coming work week ahead. Because of this, he could never completely relax on Sundays. “I felt miserable and exhausted,” he says. “And I knew my employees probably felt the same way.”

Therefore, all 45 employees were given Monday off as an attempt, without having to sacrifice their pay. “I was not sure what would happen,” Melillo says. “But I knew something was going to change.”

The company made it clear to managers that a 4-day work week was being implemented. People were allowed to make the personal choice to work from home on Mondays, but they could not expect others to work. “Monday would be no different than Saturday or Sunday,” the CEO says.

Learn to prioritize

Although the work week changed, the tasks and goals of the employees and the company did not change. “Everyone was forced to reconsider their agenda,” Melillo says. “I was surprised at how many meetings were canceled due to the 4-day work week. We learned to prioritize, and that actually improved the quality of our meetings. ”

It was not the only change the company noticed when the 4-day work week was implemented. Employee morale was also improved as they could now really relax and spend more time with their families on the weekends.

Strongest growth ever after the introduction of a 4-day work week

As the company had its three best months in a row, Mondays were finally implemented. And to this day, Melillo does not regret this, on the contrary. “Wanderlust Group had the strongest growth and productivity ever in the first six months, and our profits have grown by 121 percent every year since then,” he says.

“The standard working day and week was introduced by the Ford Motor Company in 1926,” he says. “The shift shows our team that we are confident they can manage their time more efficiently.” In addition to Monday’s off-policy, which gives employees time to invest in themselves, their family or friends, the 4-day work week is also a great way to bring in new talent.

This is a big change, but because of all the positive consequences, Melillo recommends that other companies implement the 32-hour work week as well. “I used to be a professional baseball player and I never took a day off,” he says. “If even I can believe in a 4-day work week, anyone can. I’m proud that our board and team took that risk. Monday is now my favorite day of the week.”

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The company sees profits rise sharply with mandatory Monday off

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