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SINT-MICHIELSGESTEL – Enormous installation technology. The company in Sint-Michielsgestel has existed for two centuries. And it celebrates Meanwhile with a weekend for 55 employees. For all 200 years, the company has survived in a turbulent and whimsical energy world. “And it will remain that way,” predicts director Marcel van Hout.

For convenience, they call it ‘From blacksmith to heat pump.’ Two Centuries Immense can be captured quite well with these two words. For in 1822 it really started with a coppersmith and smithy. In June 1822, after many years of craftsmanship, the smithy of Sint-Michielsgestel was handed over to Marinus Knicknie.


The coppersmith and the smithy are then taken over by the grandson Pinus Immens. Under the management of Pinus Immens, the company expands with plumbing and central heating work and the name is changed to Immens Centralvarmeindustri.

Our boy

The current director Marcel van Hout: “Fathers used to knock on Grandpa Pinus’ door. ‘Can’t you teach our boy the subject’, that’s how it went. Then they often gave money after, those fathers. Well, I can tell you that Finding good staff is really very different now. It will be the biggest challenge in the coming years. Fortunately, we have good contacts with many vocational schools and we give interns the opportunity to experience all facets of the company and do a lot to get them on board. It helps, but we can always use more good employees. “

Delivery times

The point in 2022 is only the whole situation in the world. Van Hout: “We have several projects. But I have to call the customers now and tell them it’s going to happen later. Solar panels, inverters, heat pumps, all the materials anyway, it simply is not there. There are long delivery times. So we can not do projects on time. The war in Ukraine, the corona crisis and the energy crisis. It’s a ridiculously crazy time. And then a lot of work that can not get through due to shortage and delivery times. Bizarre.”

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Marcel van Hout at Immens Installatietechniek’s office. © copyright Marc Bolsius


Nevertheless, shifts have always been important to Immens. “Switch to other things and always make quality. We have thus become two centuries old. Think of our predecessors. At first it was about coal. Then came the fire steam and later the gas. Now gas is again very expensive and coal has to be added again. But the whole energy conversion to gas-free will in any case be a very big job for us. So there will be a lot of work in the coming years. But also think about home automation and other (air treatment) technologies that we are increasingly dealing with. ”

Mandatory heat pump?

The government wants it now: It is mandatory to use a heat pump if you replace your central heating boiler after 2025. “It is really not possible. Sustainability is of course beautiful. Installing a hybrid heat pump will soon seem the most attractive. Then you do a part on If you already have solar panels, it’s a good choice. The other part is still running on gas. But such an installation easily costs 7000 euros. And now that everything is becoming much more expensive due to inflation, it is certainly not possible for all.”

More and more work

Developments in the installation world also require Immense to have more and more widely educated people in the house. “Of course, it is not just central heating systems anymore. A lot has been added. Think of air handling units, solar panels, heat pumps. You used to get out of the metal industry and you could get started with us. Now, in addition to climate technology (mechanics), it also involves cooling, electrical and computer technology. It has been intertwined. Like a regular car mechanic. You can’t just make them look at a Tesla because of the electronics. It requires highly educated people. ”

get together

Because Immens Installatietechniek is a relatively small company and the requirements for the area have become more and more complicated with certificates and standards, the company was recently transferred to De Groot Installatiegroep in Hengelo. “Also a family business with the same quality and comfortable working environment. It gives us many more job opportunities and growth opportunities for the staff. And we are allowed to continue operating separately under our own name. ”

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