Women in the Cool: Five Portraits (4)

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Bernadette Koops.

Industry associations, the UN and World Refrigeration Day join forces to offer women more opportunities in refrigeration technology. Until World Refrigeration Day on June 26, we will be publishing portraits of women in cooling or cooling-related positions.

Astrid Quist
• Position: Project engineer sales
• Company: Kelvion Refrigeration BV
• City: Sint-Maartensdijk
“When I finished my HBO degree in Architecture more than seven years ago, there was a bit of work to be found in the construction world. I started looking at technical professions for which there were vacancies, and got in touch with Kelvion – GEA Goedhart at that time. I started as a salesman and am now responsible for the sale of Kelvion products in the Benelux. Especially the combination of technology, sales / customer contact and creativity makes my work very pleasant. It is satisfying when you can offer the customer the ideal solution after a lot of puzzles and calculation work. ”

Bernadet Koops
• Function: Representative
• Company: Refrigeration Bureau Central Netherlands
• Location: None
“Nine years ago, my father started his own production line for a refrigerated counter with plate cooling. He was looking for someone who would bring this to market and I indicated that I could try it. Only I had just gotten a diploma as an educator; I could not separate an evaporator and a condenser from each other. If you are selling something and want to give the customer good advice, you need to know what you are selling. So I went back to school and got my diploma in refrigeration mechanic at King Willem 1 College. Later, I tried the system design course, but it was too hard for me, even though I learned a lot from that course. I am now responsible for purchasing and sales in our family business. I advise customers in setting up their refrigeration workshop or shop, select the components and prepare the offer. We can develop drawings in 3D and think about the appearance of a shop or the walking route in a workshop. I really enjoy being able to express my creative side. ”

Cooling Matters: free event for cooling technology on June 30th

KNVvK, NVKL, STEK, GOº Training Center, Post HBO Koudetechniek and Binnenclimate Nederland are arranging an event on 30 June on the occasion of World Refrigeration Day. Various speakers will discuss the theme ‘Cooling Matters – Cooling technology towards a sustainable future’. GEA Heating & Refrigeration makes its truck with innovations accessible. Participation is free. Sign up for this via www.coolingmatters.nl

Ineke Brugmans-Spanks
• Position: Commercial account manager
• Company: ECR Holland
Location: Oirschot
“I have been interested in technology from an early age. Refrigeration technology is the future; it is a growing market with excellent job opportunities, both for new and young. I sit at the table with installers almost every day; 99.9% of them are men. Once I have won the trust, there is great respect for me as a woman in the technology sector. There is resistance or caution in the beginning, but once they cross the line, there is full confidence. ”

Miranda Great Swift Think
• Position: Project Manager Technology Safety and Environment
• Organization: NVKL
City: Zoetermeer
“I have worked with installation technology for almost 25 years, in various positions. I have been working for NVKL since 2018, which brought me into cooling. The versatility of my work allows me to continuously develop myself. One day I’m at a government agency talking about rules, the next day I’m sitting at a table with an installer talking enthusiastically about his company and his people. The great thing about this sector is that everyone comes in contact with cooling on a daily basis, although this is not always visible. Our sector ensures the right temperature for any application thanks to companies that are constantly innovating. The people I come in contact with are enthusiastic professionals who are proud of their profession and open to collaboration and knowledge sharing. ”

Marion Hekkens-Jacobs
• Position: Business technical employee
• Company: ECR Holland
Location: Oirschot
“I have followed a technical education and have always worked with technology. Refrigeration technology is an industry where I am constantly challenged. In my position, I am very busy looking for alternatives to items that are no longer available, or new items, in order to offer the customer a suitable offer. I have a lot of contact with the customers, so you build a relationship with them. This ensures that every working day is different. ”

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