Money horoscope: Do not sell yourself short Sagittarius

What do the stars have in store for your finances? Is it time for use or to save? And what economic downturns or setbacks can you expect? Astrologer Nathalie tells you.


This is a great week to make money on your communication skills. You currently excel in everything in speech and writing, both verbally and digitally. If you are working for yourself, it is important to pay attention to your website again or to show yourself more on social media. You can also make some nice extra money through ads or affiliate marketing, it really pays to dive into this.


Your finances are not your first priority right now. This can mean that everything is going well and you do not immediately feel the need to make more money. It could also be that you just do not feel like promoting yourself for a while. All right, but standing still means going backwards. Spend your time making new plans and learning new things. You are now absorbing information quickly, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of this.


You really appreciate how you meet others this week. It is possible to wear stylish clothes or drive a smart car. Not a problem in itself, you receive what you radiate, but make sure you live beyond your means. Fortunately, nice extra work comes to you from different angles, with which you can really make extra money.


You are in good financial shape. You can make ends meet, there are no unexpected costs hanging over your head and financial mishaps are on their way to you. If you’re still looking for work, friends might just give you the final push for a new job. A vacancy may become vacant at the company where your boyfriend works, or a friend happens to know which companies are still looking for people. Dare to ask!


Even if you give yourself something extra, you will not get in trouble because of this. Clothes and accessories are now your interest, and let’s be honest, you have taste! Clothes still make the man or woman, and you notice it right away; new opportunities come your way. Your charitable attitude shows that it’s not just about looks. You like to give to people who are less fortunate than you financially.

♍ Virgo

Friends or family with your own business, or perhaps your own employer, will give you a serious offer or an attractive offer. Even if it seems too good to be true, you owe it to your own dedication and loyalty. You can now also make extra money digitally. You have lots of ideas, but unfortunately there has not been enough time to solve things so far. Maybe create space to take it more seriously?


If you want to move up the ladder in your work, now is the time to take this seriously and take concrete steps. Ask for a meeting with your employer to find out if a suitable position will soon be vacant, or send an open application elsewhere. In addition to knowledge and experience, you now also have the right gun factor, so take advantage of this. Financially, one has been in better shape, but fortunately there are not the big problems to be expected.


Your career is still progressing and your manager and / or employer is also in your favor. If you have an idea related to your current job or something that could benefit the entire company, do not hesitate to share it with someone who can actually do something with it. Of course, it is wise to make sure that he or she cannot show your feathers afterwards. You can avoid a traffic or parking ticket by making an objection in time.


Even though you are making good progress in terms of work, your finances are unfortunately a bit behind. There may not be anything wrong with your income, but you still have a loan that you have to repay, or other unexpected costs or major expenses arise. If you work for yourself, check if your prices are not on the low side compared to the competition. Of course, you will not end up more expensive, but it is also not meant to shorten you.


At work, you are plagued by hesitation and delay, which means you take longer to complete your tasks than you are used to and may even have to finish or catch up on in your own time. As a result, your hourly wage drops proportionally, which is obviously undesirable and certainly not motivating. Other extra work or a nice job that you can earn something extra with is not possible. Unfortunately, that’s what it is.


Be careful about spending money. No matter how profitable or profitable something seems, the chance that it will eventually turn out very different than you hope at the moment is great. So think twice before withdrawing your debit or credit card or better yet, rather leave it in your wallet. If you are in a relationship, your partner will have a nice tailwind this week, so that together you can plan a slightly more luxurious holiday than expected. (Or do something fun with this benefit.)


Your hobby is your work, and your work is your hobby. In short, you enjoy what you do. You make such a positive impression that someone spontaneously offers you another job. Think twice before saying ‘yes’. Of course, sometimes there are problems in the company where you work, but do not forget that you will run into other problems with another employer. If you are still looking for work, now is the time to apply completely.

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