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By the editors on 26-06-2022

NEEDE – Brothers Bert and Wim started their careers more than 50 years ago in Borculo as workshops. When the company decided to focus mainly on caravans, the brothers decided to start their own business. In December 1979, the Autoschadebedrijf Markerink opened its doors for the first time in the industrial area of ​​Neede.

This made it one of the first companies to settle down there. Much has changed since then, and many companies have joined. “Its location close to the N18 makes it a really prime location with a good walkway,” explains Bert Markerink. “From here you can easily reach Eibergen, Groenlo and Enschede, so we are easily accessible to individuals and companies in the region,” says Wim Markerink. The brothers think that the location has also been important for the village of Neede itself. “New residents are coming in, and there is more activity.


From day one, the brothers have invested heavily in their staff and their own health. Organo Psycho Syndrome (OPS), popularly referred to as Painter’s Disease, is a common disease in the profession. The brothers know this all too well. They have therefore made many adjustments to the building to keep the risk to a minimum. “We work with closed cabins and good extraction. If you cook a piece of meat in the kitchen, you can smell it in the whole kitchen and even in the living room, even with the hood on. ” That is why the brothers work with closed booths. Do not smell paint or varnish outside the cabins. There are bridges everywhere on the work floor and in the cabins so that work can be done at height. The cab doors have an automatic opening button to relieve the shoulders. This method makes them unique in the region.


The company keeps up with the times. New equipment is being invested in, such as the Moonwalk. The car damage company Markerink is the first company in Europe to use this machine. The paint mixer is accurate to two decimal places. As a result, the paint is handled very efficiently and you have less waste, which is good for the environment. One can also see that on the building the roof is filled with solar panels.


The brothers are not thinking of stopping yet. Because of their investment in health, they are fit and they still enjoy their work. They are still looking for staff, so if you are a car painter or damage repairer and want to work in a modern company, contact Bert or Wim Markerink, 0545-292649

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Miller Bennie Mensink thinks far from stopping

NEEDE – Mills all over the country opened their doors last weekend during the national mill weekend. This is also the case in Neede, where Bennie Mensink and his colleagues focused on the mill on Diepenheimseweg. During this weekend, they are drawing attention to the recruitment of new turbines because this is currently minimal. Mensink: “It’s a beautiful craft that should not be lost.” About twenty visitors were gathered in and around the mill on Saturday morning. Pancakes are baked, you can weave wicker baskets and get a tour of the mill. “In this section, we make the mixture for our breads, pancakes and pastries. Our self-built mechanisms are driven by the blades of the mill. We are doing well here, “says a satisfied Mensink.

Young and old alike can enjoy the mill, which has recently been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. “We hope that the young people will sign up for the miller education, because it is too fun to let it go to waste,” says Mensink. Meanwhile, Mensink hopes to remain active as a miller in the coming years. “I’m not thinking about stopping for a long time, I hope to continue until I get old.”

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