DPG Media launches startup of recruitment software, Aimwel

Today, DPG Media launched a new software company that automates recruitment campaigns based on AI technology. Later, campaigns for other sectors are also to be rolled out. According to the publisher, the advertising technology for online marketplaces enables qualitative and cross-media lead generation, even when cookies are no longer allowed to be placed.

Artificial intelligence

Aimwel claims to be the first publisher to develop its own platform for advertising technology for job boards. Aimwel’s data-driven artificial intelligence (AI) enables users to run and optimize fully automated campaigns with the right media mix at both the category level and for individual vacancies. Manual adjustments are no longer necessary. Job boards, classifieds companies, publishers and advertisers can attract applicants to the right places with attractive, high-quality campaigns.

Reaction to deficiency

With labor shortages at their peak during the Great Resignation, the needs of both the recruitment industry and applicants have changed dramatically, the publisher said. There are less active job seekers and applications for a large number of vacancies. Aimwel’s SaaS technology enables optimal partnerships across media and stronger performance, leading to more applications per second. vacancy at a lower price, claims the Belgian media company.

2.5 billion euros

“Job sites need support to deliver the results recruitment staff expect, and that’s exactly what we deliver. The advertising technology market for the recruitment sector is booming and accounts for more than 2.5 billion euros, ”says Lauri Koop, CEO of Aimwel. “With the high demand for staff and several types of media that require their attention, we have found the perfect product market fit to attract both active and passive candidates.”

International BtoB Saas company

“For us, success also means sharing valuable development with others. It is with this philosophy that we launch Aimwel as an international B2B SaaS company, ”said Christian Van Thillo, CEO of DPG Media. “Innovation and entrepreneurship have been what we have stood for as a company for 35 years. We know how to seize opportunities and let them grow. ”

Cookie-free world

As we move towards a ‘cookie-free world’, there is a growing need for fully automated and cross-generating leads. This makes it possible to easily implement qualitative campaigns based on reliable anonymized data.

Successful integrations of the technology with leading job boards in the Netherlands, the UK and Germany resulted in more effective and efficient marketing campaigns. Such as with National Vacaturebank, Intermediair, Reed.co.uk, etc.


“Working with an innovative technology partner like Aimwel helps us generate applications through paid traffic in an efficient, agile and transparent way. They understand both our strategic needs and capabilities and can translate these into the design of our marketing campaigns,” said Simon Wingate, Managing Director at Reed.co.uk.

Valuable technology

“Industry knowledge, efficiency and transparency are the hallmarks of DPG Media’s Aimwel. We stay in direct contact with our existing customers, while Aimwel delivers valuable technology that affects the customer’s overall performance and budget management, ”said Harley van Swaay, Head of Programmatic Agency Relations EMEA at Talent.com.

Image credits: DPG Media

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