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Experience the new Fintech Startup: Wallester

Wallester is an Estonian financial institution that offers effective financial solutions. The institution is a licensed issuer of “Visa White Label Cards” and a payment provider specializing in providing transaction processing services in an “all-in-one” model. Companies of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the all-new financial solutions that Wallester offers. Wallester.com suggests a personal approach to each customer.

Wallester is a revolutionary and flexible product that offers several features. Their current goal is to make Wallester’s products available to companies around the world through their partner VISA. Wallester is currently available to all companies in the European Economic Area.

Sergei Astafjev, CEO, founder and chairman of the board, together with COO Dmitri Logvinenko, have the goal of continuously optimizing Wallester. In addition, they want to propose new, personal approaches to companies. Sergei Astafjev: “I believe in the quality of Wallester products, we offer solutions to all our financial partners. Due to the high demand, we now also make the products available to non-financial customers in the form of Wallester Business. There are so many companies that can benefit from our help and support us! ”

Wallester is a “Visa Principal Member” and can therefore offer physical and digital cards that are custom made with your brand name. These cards can be linked directly to contactless payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. In addition, Wallester has been the official Visa partner since 2018. In addition, Wallester has also accelerated its membership of Visa FinTech. Partly because of this, Wallester is now able to offer a range of physical and digital payment cards, such as: debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards and professional bank cards. Wallester participates in Money 20.20, Dubai IFX EXPO and AIBC Summit Europe, among others.

Wallester White-Label card

With Wallester White-Label, it is possible to easily and quickly produce and make “White-Label” cards available. The highly innovative CRM system ensures that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.

It is possible to request a customized virtual Visa or physical debit / credit / prepaid debit cards. Of course, it is also possible to design your own card, the material of the payment card can even be personalized. Physical cards are delivered within three months, for virtual cards it is only one month.

In addition, existing platforms are available to manage payment cards. In addition, there is an “open API” that makes it possible to integrate existing management platforms. It is also possible to create apps that are specially adapted to your company. Here it is possible to manage the payment cards. Finally, it is possible to add the benefits of Visa Gold, Platinum, Signature or Infinite Benefits to the payment cards.

Wallester is available for both business and private use. Wallester can also be used by financial and non-financial institutions.

Wallester Business – Business Cards

Wallester Business is a very popular product for institutions and companies of all shapes and sizes. Bank cards for professional use can be delivered quickly and efficiently. These cards can be customized with specific boundaries. This product also provides assistance in managing internal business economies.

Wallester Business provides full control over company expenses. The goal was to solve no less than seven business expenses in the form of one product:

  1. Business Expense Cards: Physical and digital debit cards are created with your business ID and an IBAN account.
  2. Expenditure control: Monitoring of transactions and regulation of borders is possible.
  3. Approval of payments: Payment requests from employees can be easily approved.
  4. Purchasing media: Digital cards make it possible to buy ads online.
  5. Invoicing: Uploading invoices via an app makes it easier to keep bookkeeping in order.
  6. Manage your budget: A fully integrated accounting service provides an overview of your expenses.
  7. Reporting: Detailed information on all business expenses is available.
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It is possible to integrate all functions in the product via the API. The mobile app is also available to keep track of all the company’s expenses. Includes: employee-specific limits, statistics, categories and payment approvals. A profile can be created for each employee with specific permissions. Finally, there is the opportunity to make the benefits of Visa Platinum available to your business and your employees. This includes access to more than 1000 lounges around the world. Customer service and special offers for shops and restaurants are also at your disposal. This even includes discounts on more than 900 hotels from around the world.


Join the financial revolution now. As described, Wallester offers a personalized solution for the private and business management of your finances. From custom payment cards to mobile apps for easy overview of business expenses. Enjoy the benefits of Wallester Business and Wallester White Label cards now.

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