ilionx and Techionista Academy offer female IT talents free Data and AI training with job guarantee

Utrecht – IT service provider ilionx and Techionista Academy, the platform for inspiration and education for women in IT and technology, have merged. Women who want to follow a Computer and AI education for free, and who want to get a job at ilionx afterwards, can apply from now on.

Full-time education of 17 weeks

In August, a group of carefully selected women at Techionista Academy begin a track with Microsoft Azure Certified Data & AI (Artificial Intelligence). ilionx pays in full for the training. After a full-time training of seventeen weeks, participants can immediately start working at one of the ilionx locations in Groningen, Zwolle, Hoorn, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven or Maastricht. Or at one of its customers, such as De Nederlandsche Bank.

Diverse workforce

Like many large IT and technology companies, ilionx faces a shortage of well-trained IT staff. Inclusion and diversity are important themes in the innovative company, and it therefore strives for a workforce that reflects these core values. To meet both challenges, ilionx has started a partnership with Techionista Academy. ilionx already employs twenty former Techionista students. One of the former tekionists has last year female ilionx create a network for and by the women of ilionx. This network regularly arranges meetings for female colleagues to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Investing in female talents

Techionista Academy CEOs Vivianne Bendermacher and Tamira van Roeyen are proud of the collaboration with ilionx. “It’s great to see companies like ilionx not only open the doors to more female talent; but also specifically looking for them and wanting to invest in them. Together we will make a difference at the national level “, says Van Roeyen. They welcome the fact that more and more companies are seeing the urgency and need for retraining and further training of women in particular. Bendermacher: “If we do not enrich women with IT skills now and retrain them for future-proof tech jobs, gender diversity in the labor market will only decline further.”

Sjoerd Hobo, director of Amsterdam at ilionx, is also enthusiastic about the collaboration: “I am very pleased that we as ilionx will embark on this exciting process, with which we will further expand the existing collaboration with Techionista, and thus make an extra contribution to more women in IT. ”

On July 1, Techionista and ilionx will provide more information in a webinar. The link to the education can be found here.

Background numbers

It’s no secret that finding IT talent in today’s job market is a difficult task, let alone finding female talent. In 2021, only 19 percent of IT / tech employees in Europe were women. The World Economic Forum expects that 97 million jobs will be created worldwide between 2020 and 2025. Almost all jobs require IT / technical skills. The demand is and will be greatest for data analysts, data researchers and machine learning and artificial intelligence specialists. It is estimated that 85 million jobs will also change or disappear as a result of digitization, automation and robotisation. Although governments at European level recognize the problem and are increasingly investing in IT and technology training, it is not happening fast enough for many companies.

About Techionista

The goal of Techionista is to ensure that more women are employed in Tech & IT and that there is more diversity and inclusiveness in the labor market. Thanks to digitization, robotics and automation, millions of jobs will change or even disappear. At the same time, lots of new jobs are being created. These are jobs where technical & IT skills are desired. The jobs that are most likely to change or even disappear are jobs in marketing, administration and facilities. Unfortunately, these are also the sectors where many women are employed. If we want to maintain and strengthen the position of women in the labor market, we will have to act. We must enrich more women with tech / IT skills. We also want to inspire and help them find a job in sectors where there are too few women employed. We are committed to this every day. For example, we have already retrained hundreds of women and helped them find jobs in IT & tech. We do this together with national and international companies that consider our mission important and are happy to contribute.

About ilionx

ilionx is an IT service provider that helps organizations stay ahead. Since its founding in 2002, ilionx has supported its customers as a digital partner in business innovation, applications, data analytics, cloud & security and architecture & integration. ilionx offers specialist knowledge, is agile and flexible and has impact and scale for successful implementation of large projects. It has already led to many successful projects for healthcare institutions, local authorities and companies, such as NN, KLM, UMCG, ABN AMRO, ASML, Sligro Food Group, KPN, VodafoneZiggo, various municipalities and a large number of hospitals. Since 2017, Egeria has a majority stake in ilionx. In 2018, ilionx merged with QNH Consulting, in 2019 the company took over ICTZ. Later, integration specialist Rubix, consulting firm Le Blanc Advies, Salesforce partner Redbook ICT and Hyperautomation specialist You-Get also joined ilionx. The company has more than 1,100 employees and operates from ten locations, including; Groningen, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle, Maastricht, Den Bosch, Eindhoven and Hoorn. More information can be found at or follow ilionx on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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