Volkswagen AG: Back to an important level



Purchase rate: € 138.3 † Goal: 155 € † Stop tab: 133 € † Potential: 12.08%
The daily support zone of EUR 135.84 can make it easier to start a recovery for Volkswagen AG.
Investors will be able to take a buy position against € 155

Volkswagen AG: Volkswagen AG: Back to an important level


  • The company has a strong foundation. More than 70% of companies have a lower mix of growth, profitability, debt and visibility.
  • The company has an attractive fundamental position from a short-term investment perspective.
  • The company’s Refinitive ESG score, based on a ranking of the company in relation to its industry, looks particularly good.
  • Volkswagen AG currently represents 4.90% of the European portfolio. A position was opened on 29/09/2021 for € 187.99. Discover the 19 other positions in the European portfolio managed by


  • The company enjoys a very solid financial position given its net liquidity and margins.
  • The company has very attractive multiples.
  • The stock has a very low valuation level with a company value estimated at 0.14 times the sale.
  • Based on the company’s price in relation to its net accounting assets, the share can be assessed as relatively cheap.
  • The company has a low valuation due to the cash flows generated by its operations.
  • Investors looking for returns can greatly appreciate this stock.
  • The company’s revenue expectations have recently been upgraded based on analysts’ consensus on the topic.
  • Analysts have supported the positive development of the group’s business by raising their expectations for earnings per share. share markedly.
  • The difference between the current price and the average price target for the analysts dealing with the case is relatively large and holds a significant potential for appreciation.
  • Historically, the group has published better figures than expected.

Weak points

  • Over the past twelve months, the analyst’s consensus has been revised significantly downward.
  • The price targets for the analysts who follow the stock are markedly different. This means that the company and its activities are difficult to assess.

Subsector Car and truck manufacturers – Other
Difference compared to 1 January (%) Market value (M $) investor rating
VOLKSWAGEN AG -20.66% 88 208 2022

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Revenue 2022 273 billion
287 billion
Net result (tab) 2022 16 876 M
17 762 M
Net liquidity 2022 32 009 M
33 691 M
Price / earnings ratio 2022 4.27x
Dividend 2022 6.36%
Market value 83 807 M
88 208 M
market capitalization. Revenue 2022 0.19x
market capitalization. Revenue 2023 0.16x
Number of employees 668 294
Share freely negotiable 56.8%

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Development of the income statement



Average advice Accumulate
Number of analysts 23
Last closing course € 140.82
Average price target € 216.16
Spread / Average target 53.5%

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