We.Vestr scores 2.2 million – More favorable rules for equity reward startups

1. We.Vestr raises 2.2 million to ease equity management

Venturebuilder Venturerock is investing 2.2 million euros in We.Vestr, the startup that wants to make it easier to manage the shareholder base. We.Vestr was founded by Barqo founder Floris van Hoogenhuyze. It is no coincidence that Venturerock is investing, as managing partner Marc Wesselink was already in talks with Van Hoogenhuyze two years ago. The financing will be used, among other things, for further growth in Europe and the Middle East as well as into the Asian market.

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2. The Folketing is in favor of a more favorable consideration in shares

The House of Representatives has approved the bill, which regulates a more tax-efficient scheme for consideration in shares. This should make it easier to attract (technical) talent. The new law stipulates that the tax on consideration in share options must only be levied if the shares can actually be sold. Another request from interest groups for startups failed: a lower tax rate. Those who collect their shares must pay 49.5 percent to the IRS.

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3. DeGiro descendants are fined DKK 2 million

The Dutch financial markets authority has fined € 2 million to FlatexDeGiro, the parent company of online broker DeGiro. Daughter DeGiro reported unusual transactions to the regulator too late. As of 2019, DeGiro has reviewed 36 reports of unusual transactions, many of them too late. The fine was already imposed in December last year, but the watchdog only came with the news now. DeGiro merged into FlatexDeGiro in 2021.

4. Another half million for Lazy Vegan

Lazy Vegan, a producer of vegan ready-made wok meals, has received half a million euros from existing investors Goeie Grutten Impact Fonds and Fair Capital Partners. The brand new knaks are used to increase brand awareness in the Netherlands and the UK, as well as expansion to Belgium and Germany. In 2021, investors also invested half a million in the company with Vincent Bosgraaf and Bas Dijkstra. Lazy Vegan says it’s growing fast. The products are for sale at Albert Heijn, Jumbo and the flash suppliers Getir and Flink.

5. French bicycle platform up to Holland

Upway, a platform for patched electric bikes, is entering the Dutch market. Electric bikes sold through the French platform are about 60 percent cheaper than the new price. Upway started in late 2021 and is already active in France, Belgium and Germany. The company’s coffers were recently replenished with an investment of $ 25 million, including from Sequioa Capital and Exor Seeds.

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6. And so this: IT service provider offers women free AI training

It may expect layoffs at hip tech companies, but the labor market remains very tight so far. And then companies come up with the craziest thing to recruit staff. IT service provider Ilionix offers female IT talent the opportunity to pursue a computer and AI education at his expense at the Technionista Academy, an education platform for women in IT and technology. After a full-time training of seventeen weeks, participants can immediately start working at Ilionix or one of its clients.

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