A bright future for the car company

“I have incredible confidence in the future of the independent car business, and I have incredible confidence in you as a self-employed, self-employed business owner.” Gerard ten Buuren said these encouraging words this week as chairman of the Bovag Independent Car Companies department during the department’s annual conference.

Ten Buuren briefly recalled: the government of the Netherlands aims for fully electric new sales by 2030. “At that time, our fleet still consists of 8 million cars with an internal combustion engine. They all need to be maintained. And even from 2030, it will be another twenty years before the entire fleet is electric. ”


Although we are far from the internal combustion engine, Ten Buuren also has an eye for sustainability. “We are not crazy either. Of course, CO2 emissions must be reduced. This means that we must look for solutions to make current fuels cleaner. As for diesel engines, we always try to have a very realistic sound. The fact is that very few new diesel engines were sold this year. Diesel simply stands in the dark. You can find all sorts of things about it, but it’s a fact. The reality is that we have almost 1 million diesel engines in the Netherlands, more than 10 percent of the fleet. They also all need to be maintained, and I think you can do all that, so remember that. “


Ten Buuren then praised the strength of the overall car companies for their ability to constantly adapt to changing circumstances. “You have proved it again in the last period. It means you have to make choices. The car manufacturers want to have more and more influence on sales, more and more direct contact with the driver. It means that more and more dealers are becoming a kind delivery point for new cars.They are increasingly withdrawing around the cities.In addition, this provides plenty of opportunities for companies that are very close to the people who know what their customers want.However, there is some overcapacity. ”


Ten Buuren sees an important role for independent imports, also known as parallel imports. “It has grown rapidly in recent years and is now almost as large as the number of new cars sold. So be sure to get in touch with companies that are good at this. After all, we are a trading nation; we get the cars where they are for sale. It is also much easier to fish in a large pond like Europe than in a small pond in the Netherlands. “

Likewise, exports are very important, because Dutch cars are simply well-maintained, we have a good road network and a proper periodic inspection. “Cars with high mileage, which we can not get rid of in the Netherlands, easily find their way abroad.”


In addition, Ten Buuren sees that leasing companies are increasingly orienting themselves towards independent car companies and the role of leasing companies will increase rather than decrease. So Ten Buuren sees opportunities for the independent car company there as well. “Do you want to join? This means that the customer relationship is no longer the most important thing. It also means that you will have to make concessions in the price, and that you may have to choose a garage concept that fits the leasing market very well.”

Of course, the workplace and the employees’ knowledge must also be up-to-date. “This means that you may have to choose to specialize or collaborate with colleagues. Make a plan with your employees. ”

Cost increase

Ten Buuren also expressed his concern about the rising costs of the car company, especially energy costs. “Most of you have had two good years, but it is not automatic. Look at your workplace, at your hourly wage. Some companies have not adjusted their hourly wages for five years, while everything around us has become more expensive. ”

Finally, Ten Buuren expressed confidence in the entrepreneurial spirit of the car company. “We live in an exciting time, and a lot is changing. There are things we can not influence and things we can influence. As an entrepreneur, you generally know what you can influence, and the results are yours. ”

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