Klumme Peter Ursem: With lightning flock

June 29, 2022 – Klumme Peter Ursem: Med lynflok

It is a sword of Damocles that hangs over many congregations. Perhaps all congregations have had to deal with that threat at some point. The municipalities’ finances are not enough to meet all kinds of obligations, and there is no prospect of rapid recovery. This fate surpassed Medemblik at the moment. If the municipal finances are not in order soon, the province will take control and equate the municipal council.

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There is a huge deficit of 5.7 million. When you look at the municipal cash book, you discover that many millions more are mentioned on the income and expenditure side. But the amount that Medemblik does not have now is probably greater than the municipality’s ordinary reserves. In any case, the province believes the city council has done too little to avert the danger for too long. It had already been warned before that things were going wrong, and then Medemblik apparently managed to make the province believe that everything should go well.

Medemblik is not Enkhuizen. I doubt if a city council majority would try to put their bill to the other in a more intensive collaboration with other municipalities, but behind my doubt also lies the annoying suspicion that it can be very human to look for the cause of misery that happens outside of oneself. In Medemblik, this may well be the case with the use of a democratic majority. In any case, I would like to say to the citizens of Medemblik that they are only partially guilty. The use of scarce resources is outsourced every four years to the Medemblik politicians with the clearest promises.

When those Medem Lyn politicians make a financial mess out of it, it can of course also be due to the fact that they have come to the responsible place due to beautiful and unfortunately too expensive promises. Now it seems that the cost of the social domain has risen far too high. The social domain is caring for those in need of care. It seems that caring for young people in particular is no longer affordable. And when I hear that sound, a good portion of my empathic capacity actually finds it very generous. How beautiful is it when you try to help those in need adequately against all currents?

The cause of the economic drama, of course, must not only be found in the health care system. For a majority of voters, health care could be a terrible concern, but the need for beautiful other things is much greater. One of the wishes that is always well received by a large part of the population is to limit the expenses that the municipality charges for the privilege of being allowed to live within the municipal boundaries. And that is where the solution to the threat from the province must be sought. The property tax is rising considerably, and the crystal clear promises of all sorts of beautiful village affairs are being shelved or should be completely off the wish list. The process of raising awareness among the fellow members about the accursed Schraalhans must now be led by the parties that were recently happy that they were allowed to arrange a council with their own councilors. CDA, D66, GB and Tomorrow! now have this on the plate, and the other parties can almost triumphantly afford to oppose it.

Ruling in times of abundance is more brilliant for the coalition than for the opposition, perhaps the other way around, if the treasury remains empty. Voter memory has Alzheimer’s features. Which of the Members remembers how the previous coalition was composed? And if the problems of many victims would be over in just under four years, the voter at that time would think that he could be freed from the ruling parties due to a prolonged quarrel or cherish the idea that these parties are successful in the city to have freed from all misery?

I fear that many municipal officials are of the opinion that the whole Medembliksem policy can be stolen from them. The question is to what extent it will reduce misery.

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