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Cross-Border Commerce Europe publishes its Blue Book for 2021-22, examining the current situation of European cross-border scale-ups and their strategic importance in facilitating intracontinental trade and exports. The founders of leading Scale-Up resellers accompanied this first report.

Brussels – 30 June 2022. Cross-Border Commerce Europe, the platform that promotes cross-border e-commerce in Europe, publishes its latest blue paper summarizing eight roundtable sessions between C-Level executives from nine leading retailers jointly developing Cross -Border Commerce Europe Scale-Ups High Level Group form: Brouwland, Emesa, Greenweez, INF, Internetstores, Livehelfi, Maison Lab, StartSelect and Zizzz.

The in-depth report is the result of eight roundtable brainstorming sessions led by Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC – Leaders in Security† He chaired the discussion among the leaders of the European scale-up companies, which represented several retail sectors and Member States. Seven senders acted as knowledge partners for CBCommerce

This 20 page blue paper report, which is for sale on the CBCommerce websiteaims to solve current and future challenges for Scale-Ups and share real-world experiences to support innovation for Scale-Ups, which will lay the foundation for the next shopping experience in Europe.

Across Europe, e-commerce scale-ups face obstacles that prevent them from focusing on their day-to-day activities: European regulatory burden, complex rules and Member State-specific challenges.

This document is designed to provide insight to the public, EU and Member States’ policy makers, financial markets and investors and partners in the European cross-border ecosystem. It provides an in-depth analysis of the following topics:

  • About Scale-Ups e-commerce in Europe
  • Target audience
  • Market orientation, practical experiences and challenges
  • Challenges of digitization in connection with trading platforms and marketplaces
  • Challenges to regulatory compliance (GPDR, PSD2, e-commerce,…)
  • Confrontation with differences in taxes and “green fees”
  • Challenges in logistics (distribution)
  • Challenges of fraud and fraud detection
  • European Scale-Up Companies SWOT

Below you will find a number of initial results and conclusions from the report. Download the full report for detailed analyzes and best practices.

  • Scale-ups tend to expand their business to other countries to maintain growth momentum and continue to acquire new customers. While marketplaces seem like an easy way to enter new markets because of their audience, logistics and payment systems, they also come with their challenges.
  • When Scale-Ups consider going beyond their own limits, they become so faced with a range of issues ranging from market intelligence and logistics to localized marketing† Transport through Europe and the rules of the EU and its member states are not optimized for cross-border trade. The various challenges that Scale-Ups face in Europe are highlighted in the case study of SevenSenders and YouGov, which explores online shopping preferences in nine European countries in depth† An overview of this study is included in the report.
  • For these high-growth companies to thrive, Recognizing their importance, acknowledging the adversity they face and, most importantly, encouraging their ambitions for Europe and its Member States
  • Examples such as Zalando Lounge, Hello Fresh and Ankorstore demonstrate the success of cultivating European scale-ups as key drivers of trade. These companies create niches and new business models, promote European authenticity and environmental friendliness and break through traditional retail activities
  • Finally, the report addresses the important issue of online fraud facing European upscaling. In cross-border e-commerce, fraud takes many forms. Apart from PSD2 (Payment Services Directive 2) and innovative approaches to transaction security, fraud is still a problem that is rising sharply during this pandemic† In 2020, Google observed a 250% increase in the number of phishing sites between January and March.

On this issue, Chairman Ulrich Seldeslachts (CEO at LSEC) the following on: “Pan-European support for the continuous exchange of information between European trade providers is recommended. Particular attention should be paid to the overall improvement of infrastructure in order to better connect online identities to physical devices, thereby increasing overall trust and reducing the impact of fraud. “

This blue paper provides insights and examples of best practices for driving radical innovation and tangible action for scale-ups operating in the European e-commerce sector. “ ends Carine Moitier, founder of

Scale-ups provide a great opportunity to increase the total sales of production, retail, export and B2B throughout Europe. It is important that their importance is recognized by the European Commission’s policy makers.

Buy Scale-Ups blue paper today just to get a complete overview of the current status of Scale-Ups online retail and the most important lessons you can learn for your e-commerce business.

About Cross-Border Commerce Europe

Cross-Border Commerce Europe is the European network and knowledge platform for all e-commerce and omnichannel players present in at least three countries in Europe. brings the various actors into contact with each other so that they can increase their visibility, gather knowledge about numbers, discover trends and peculiarities in the various European countries. Members include brands and retailers of all sizes, and partners are service providers in all areas of innovative trade.

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