‘I used to be pretty lax, now I have set ambitions for myself’

Dicky Cheung is a second-year company IT & management and arranged his internship with a text message. ‘Luckily it went very well. That same evening, someone from the company posted it on LinkedIn, which quickly resulted in something like a thousand likes and many reactions. ‘

‘I am currently doing an internship at CM.com, a technology company from Breda. Twenty years ago, the company started sending text messages with information about nightclub entertainment and has now grown into a global player in marketing and communication software. It all started with one text message from a nightclub; it was not entirely coincidental that my internship also started like that.

‘In the first year we had to apply for an internship and I would not arrive with a standard email. Therefore, I first researched what the company was doing and how they got started. I should also do something with a text message, I thought then. I sent the company a foldable box with an old Nokia and a card. On the card I wrote who I was and that they should not be shocked by the package. It also had instructions for the phone that had a text message on my resume. Luckily it turned out very well. That same evening, someone from the company had posted it on LinkedIn, which quickly gave something in the direction of a thousand likes and many reactions.

‘What I’ve learned so far is that it’s especially important to just be yourself in practice.’

‘It went so well during the sniffing practice that I was allowed to stay; first a summer job and this year I started an internship. And even after that I can stay, super chill! The internship fits in really well with my education because it is a combination of technology and business. The technical aspect is software implementation, and the business side thinks about how our products can be successful with the customer. What I have learned so far is that it is especially important just to be oneself in practice. Just ask questions if you can not figure out something that is important and also show initiative. In the field of work, I primarily learned technical things, such as writing scripts, making connections and also thinking critically.

‘The most important development I have experienced in recent years is that I have gained more motivation for school. I did not pass my first education because I had made it a fun year with many parties and vacations. Eventually I wanted to study seriously, but I was not sure what. I was good at computers, but not really one dedicated developer and do not want ram to code seven hours a day. That’s how I ended up at business IT & management. This is more fun than just programming because contact with the customer is also important.

‘From the moment I started it, everything suddenly went really well.’

‘I must say that this study has had quite an impact on my life. From the moment I started with it, everything suddenly went great. Luckily, I had a very good teacher during the first year during corona, and my classmates were also really motivated to pop. It also helped me do my best. And of course, I knew I could not ruin another education. I used to be pretty lax, but now I’m in internship, I follow the honors program, and I have set all my ambitions for myself. Before I was not involved in it at all, now I just have fun and do cool things.

‘Now I’m just having fun and doing cool things.’

‘When I finish studying, I can see myself working somewhere abroad. Singapore seems like something to me because there are a lot of cool companies out there. I will at least work with IT. CM.com is also interesting because a lot is happening there. I also like the companies where IT is combined with a product like Van Moof for example. Behind that electric bike is a large IT infrastructure: software, apps, but also, for example, the anti-theft system and how they have arranged the logistics. ‘

Text: Wietse Pottjewijd
Photo: Dicky Cheung

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