Merie gives Pilates lessons and more in food, body and mind: ‘Being in motion in peace’

From boxing lessons to pilates, Merie Vreugdenhil-Bakker (38) gives it her all with her company ‘Being on the move’† She is happiest when food, body and mind meet. Over the years, she has gained a lot of knowledge through studies and courses, which she now applies: “My vision is to see people as a whole.”


About two and a half years ago, Merie set up her company and began teaching Pilates. “First it was a morning, later I extended it to Monday morning, Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning. I also teach at the gym, they hire me. I combine Pilates with relaxation exercises and yoga. The pilates classes I teach are active but not very active. I vary between active and relaxing. ” According to Merie, there is no age limit on Pilates classes and anyone can attend. “Whether you are old, young, fat or thin, it does not matter. People in their seventies take lessons from me, but also teenagers. ”

outdoor teaching

Now that the weather is getting better outside, Merie is giving the pilates lessons outside. “We meet at Sysseltse Bos, by the car park. Then we go to ‘Het Paradijs’, a clearing in the forest. I do not bring music either, because you can hear the birds singing loudly. It is so beautiful. I like it even better than doing it in a hall. In the winter I rent a dance hall. You can relax even more outside. It is a nice scent, you have a breeze and sun. I love it. Every now and then we also walk on the heath. Especially in the evening, when you see the sun go down beautifully on an open plain. ”


In addition to pilates classes, Merie also provides boxing lessons. “Sometimes I give it to children and every other week to women. It is very fun. A while ago I also taught children’s yoga, but I have stopped now. ” Merie has a background with studies and training related to therapy, but also exercise. “I often give boxing lessons with a friend. I learned boxing from the therapeutic side, but that friend learned from doing it. ”

company name

She thought for a while about the name of her company. Eventually, her husband found the name ‘Being on the move’† »There should be some movement in it, but so should it. So that’s why ‘being† It’s just being and being in motion. So it’s not so much about having to be in motion, but being and of being you get in motion, ‘in motion† That’s where it comes from. ”

Merie during a pilates class in Het Paradijs in Ede. Image: Being In Motion


In addition to her company, she has also worked for two and a half days as a psychomotor therapist for children and adolescents for a few months. “As much as I like my own company, I sometimes missed some depth. For example, I work with children who have difficulty accepting that they are autistic. Instead of talking, we’re busy playing games in the gym. Because they experience and feel it, it often sticks better. This is especially true for children because they are much more physically developed than cognitively developed. So I do it next door, and I will continue to do that next to my company. ”


Merie grew up in De Lier, Westland and later in Hasselt near Zwolle. As a child, she was involved in many sports, from football to gymnastics. It is not surprising that she chose to follow the sports training CIOS in Heerenveen: “As a side job, I taught fitness, dance and aerobics. For the past year, I have been practicing exercise agogy. This is more aimed at a person at a rehabilitation center who, for example, needs to learn to walk again. Or a mentally retarded person who takes on too much and has to start again. ” She liked that, but she wanted more. A study of psychomotor therapy (PMT) followed. “I was in my early twenties at the time. Then I started working for a while, mainly in psychiatry, as PMTs. I noticed that I gave fewer dance lessons because more time and energy went into I started thinking and found that I really enjoy the combination of exercise and relaxation. ” Therefore, she decided for itbe on the move ‘ to start up.

Healthy lifestyle

In addition to her studies, she also did courses. “I am always working on how I can live even better and healthier. So I followed ‘NLP’, which is neurolinguistic programming, more on the therapy side. I also learned some basic knowledge for ‘natural nutrition consultant’. Now I’m reading ‘orhomonucular therapist’, I’m almost done with that. It’s about getting the right nutrients and nutrition. I give lifestyle coaching to people who want to lose weight e.g. As a therapist specializing in movement, I think the mental part is just as important. It makes me most enthusiastic when everything is connected: nutrition, exercise and mentality. ”

Merie says that nutrition is very much dependent on how you feel: “For example, do you have certain ways, such as eating when you are bored or snacking late at night. Then you gain a lot of weight. And how you feel about yourself also affects. It is much more holistic than just going to a dietitian; he only cares about food. Orthomonucular is also targeted at complaints. Suppose you have a headache, then you look at the whole picture, such as what you eat. You may not be able to tolerate certain nutrients or you may be deficient in them. I find that very fascinating: that you look at the whole picture instead of just a part. ” She hopes to complete this study soon. “Maybe I will continue to study then. Naturopathy. Maybe it’s also a year-long plan. ”


For some people, it is difficult to relax. She cites an example of a woman who comes to her twice a week for Pilates classes. At one point, she was able to relax more. “We did a relaxation exercise, and she said afterwards that she almost fell asleep. Then I think: nice! Relaxation is just as important as exercise. If you can not relax properly, you will be stressed and you will also get complaints. I think it’s a nice compliment when someone says they can relax more. ” People at the gym also return to her, she says. “People who come there just to train do not come to me. They do not want to dwell consciously in the now. I believe that in a world where everyone just runs and does, that may also be the case with the gym or the sport. Although it is very important to pause for a moment. ”


“My vision is to see people as a whole. You can go to the gym and work out hard, but it could also be that you do not even need it that much and, for example, need more yoga. To be on the go in peace and look at what someone really needs. ”

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