Michel likes to make people happy with his paintings

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Lead image TXT 1: Michel likes to make people happy with his paintings. Photo: Omroep Gelderland
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Lead image TXT 2: Michel with his painting The Prohibition. Photo: Omroep Gelderland
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Lead image TXT 3: Michel likes to make drawings with stories. Photo: Michel Kempers
Michael at work.  Photo: Omroep Gelderland

Michael at work. Photo: Omroep Gelderland

VARSSEVELD – “This makes you happy, doesn’t it? I do not like gloomy paintings, they also make me gloomy,” says 49-year-old Michel Kempers when we visit him. Michel lives in a house in Varsseveld and enjoys painting.

His easel is in the middle of his room. “That way I can start painting whenever I want. Sometimes I don’t feel like it or have no inspiration, then it doesn’t work either,” says Michel. But it is hardly noticeable now, because he is busy with his painting: “I especially find abstract art with many color areas very beautiful”, he says.

Not unnoticed

Michel began drawing at a young age. He also even published a cartoon with the title The bird on adventure. This did not go unnoticed: Michel got national media attention with it. “I then appeared in Jeugdjournaal and was invited to the TV show with Ivo Niehe”, he says proudly.

But it did not stop there, for Michel also received an international award for his drawings and paintings. For example, he was invited with his family to go to Denmark, to receive a scholarship there as a 13-year-old. The scholarship was presented to him by Jean Kennedy, the younger sister of John F. Kennedy.

‘I like to make people happy’

Michel has, as he himself says on his Facebook page, a mental disability and wants to speak out because he thinks it is important not to be put in a corner: “We are also human beings and just need to be able to participate. in society.”

Michel is now known in Varsseveld – and also in Bredevoort, his former hometown. Not only because of his drawing and painting skills, but also because he is the garbage hero there: he regularly goes out on his bike to collect garbage. “People like it when the rubbish is cleaned up and I like to make people happy,” says Michel.

And Michel hopes to be able to do the same with his paintings. “I think it’s a shame if my paintings are wasted in a corner somewhere. No, let as many people as possible enjoy my work. A number of his paintings are already hanging in the head office of Estinea, the care organization, where his housing offer with 24 hours of care are covered. “But the mayor of Oude IJsselstreek also has two paintings of mine hanging,” Michel proudly adds.

‘Painting is an outlet for me’

Besides the fact that Michel hopes that people can benefit from his drawings and paintings, he especially enjoys painting: “It’s an outlet for me, I can lose my egg in this”.

He shows a painting of buildings with a clock that strikes 9 o’clock Michel: “This painting is called The curfew and it was in the corona time. “People did not like the curfew, and I’m glad it’s over now.”

Michel with his painting The Prohibition – Photo: Omroep Gelderland

‘I already have many followers’

Michel also has his own Facebook page, where he regularly posts his paintings and drawings with a story: “Sometimes it’s about current events, but sometimes it’s also about something that falls into me in that moment. People can like to follow. And I already have a lot of followers, I do not know exactly how many, but there are many and more and more are coming along. “

Michel likes to make drawings with stories – Photo: Michel Kempers

Michel is looking for paint

Because Michel has to make a living from services, he has appealed to acrylic paint so he can continue painting: “Everything gets more expensive. I do not know exactly how much a tube costs, but whether there are painters who have paint. Left, can they contact me. very happy about it, “he says.

Michel appeals via Gelderland Helpt:

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