Zoetermeers Dagblad | First student to train Logistics Læringsvej receives a diploma

On Wednesday 29 June, the very first candidates received their diploma from Logistik Læringsvej. In September 2021, this new training was festively opened at the Prismaterrein in Bleiswijk. Now, a year later, the first twelve proud participants aged 17 to 50 have graduated. A milestone.

The candidates were proud. Ron Sonneveld, one of the successful participants: “I’m so happy. I was afraid I would not pass, because I have not gone to school for so long. But it worked.”

Wim Vogelzang, coordinator of the Logistics Learning Path for secondary vocational education in the Rhineland, is also very proud of the participants. “Most of the students who have taken part in this new initiative have never received a diploma before. Now they have the opportunity and have shown the willingness to invest in themselves, as an employee and as a person. I have great admiration for that. . “

Labor shortage
The logistics sector is an innovative sector with many opportunities for job seekers, but suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. Until last year, Level 1 and 2 BBL training was not offered for this sector in the Zoetermeer region. Werkbedrijf De Binnenbaan, mboRijnland, Lentiz | MBO Oostland and entrepreneurs joined forces to make this education possible.

In this form of training, the student combines one day of study at school with four days of work at a company. Teachers from both schools help shape the training and coach the students. The schools work closely with the companies involved in this.

Marijke van der Meer, councilor for education on behalf of Zoetermeer municipality, was also present at the graduation. “Education like this is exactly what it takes to give people a chance at a job they love and that companies really want. I wholeheartedly support this initiative, a great example of successful collaboration between entrepreneurs, the region and education. “

Workplace learning
The participating companies pay for the training and because the students are employed by the employer, they receive direct pay. This makes Logistieke Leerweg interesting not only for jobseekers in a benefit position, but also for jobseekers who want to retrain. In addition, some participating companies have offered their own motivated employees the opportunity to obtain a diploma via Logistisk Læringsvej.

Jan-Willem Bos, Thermofisher: “The path to the diploma is especially of added value. In addition, the employee is now (even) more motivated, now that he or she has taken the extra steps and thus developed. We see employees who have more self-confidence, has been given and will therefore tackle more opportunities. “

Level 4
A number of successful participants remain in the company where they already work, some start after the summer holidays with the BBL education level 3 to become Logistics team leader. Then a new class starts with this training. The ambition is also to offer level 4 in the long term. “We also have plans to set up a business school with KFC, Burger King and Starbucks. The potential is enormous, and we as MBO institutions would like to play a role in that. In addition to MBO courses “We can also offer tailor – made training. Think, for example, of language teaching for employees who speak other languages,” says Wim Vogelzang.

In the autumn, the schools will arrange a network meeting for companies on the Prisma site. “We would like to introduce even more companies to our Logistics Learning Path training course and the great opportunities and development opportunities this training offers them and their employees,” says Cees de Jongh (Lentiz | MBO Oostland). There are still few vacancies for interested candidates in the group starting after summer.

More info: www.debinnenbaan.nl

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