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African swine fever (ASF) was detected on a pig farm in the German state of Lower Saxony. This was confirmed by the Ministry of Agriculture in Lower Saxony early in the afternoon on Saturday. The affected slaughter pig and sow farm is located in Emsbüren, which is only 15 to 20 kilometers from the border with the Netherlands. The producer organization Pig Farming (POV) encourages all Dutch pig farms and related companies to take precautions and adhere to hygiene.

The AVO virus has been finally determined from tests performed by the German Friedrich-Löffler-Institut (FLI). With this observation, the ASF virus has jumped several hundred kilometers in one fell swoop. It had previously been found mainly on the Polish-German border. The affected farm is a sow farm with 280 sows and about 1,500 piglets. The pollution has major consequences for German pig farming in the area.

A quarantine zone of 10 kilometers has been set up around the company. There are 296 pig farms in this area, where a total of approximately 195,000 pigs are kept. There is a transport ban in this zone and all companies are being tested for the presence of the virus. The animals on the affected farm itself will be killed tomorrow (Sunday 3 July).

Hard blow for pig breeders
An investigation has now been launched into the contact holdings on the pig holding concerned. The government shuts down an infection via an infected wild boar. It is suspected that the virus has entered through the feed or another supplier or on the farm. According to Brigitte Otte-Kinast, Lower Saxony’s Minister of Agriculture, it was only a matter of time before AVP reached the state. “It is a hard blow for pig farmers in our country. However, we have been preparing intensively for a possible outbreak in recent years.”

She urges the population not to engage in ‘epidemic tourism’. The Minister emphasizes that ASF virus can remain contagious for a long time in the environment and can be transmitted through certain meat products, but also through contaminated feed, vehicles, clothing or tools. “It is therefore important to reduce the risk of the pathogen spreading.”

POV states that it has already had consultations with the Ministry of Agriculture on Saturday morning. A crisis team led by the ministry is being set up, the organization said. The tracing of companies and movements has already begun. An administrative hearing with all Dutch stakeholders will follow on Monday, the POV said. “For now it is important that all possible precautions are taken. Observe all hygiene measures and make sure that means of transport are clean and disinfected. Dual research and development is mandatory for means of transport returning from Germany. Also pay close attention to the risks of importing loose raw materials for animal feed. “, notify POV.

African swine fever case, Emsbüren

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