Buying guide: apartment Mercedes-Benz GLE (2012-2019)

The Mercedes-Benz GLE is a comfortable and off-road SUV. What should you be aware of when buying a used car?

In 2011, Mercedes-Benz presents the third generation of the M-Class. The W166 series builds on the success of its predecessors with renewed styling, more fuel-efficient engines and new technology. With the introduction of the facelift model, which has been renamed the GLE-Class, the brand adds a hip SUV coupe to the range.


The third generation of the M-Class retains the basic shape of its predecessor and has the same strikingly shaped C-pillar. Under the skin, the SUV is brand new, and the design, which is heavily dependent on the E-Class (W212), gives the robust SUV a fresh look. Mercedes-Benz offers at extra cost various attractive factory options, including adaptive headlights, panoramic sliding roof, electrically operated tailgate, drive planks, electrically collapsible towbar and an AMG exterior package. The facelift in 2015 brings with it a name change: the M-class will in future be referred to as the GLE class. The visually refreshed GLE is available with full-LED headlights and is also available as a sporty GLE Coupé (C292).


Compared to its predecessor, the W166 offers significantly more leg and shoulder space. From now on, the design and quality experience will better match the premium promise that pricing evokes. Despite a wealth of buttons, the dashboard is clear, with analog instruments and a high-positioned infotainment display. Countless options are available for good use, ranging from ventilated seats, designo leather and an AMG interior package to Comand Online, Bang & Olufsen BeoSound AMG, Distronic adaptive cruise control, a night vision assistant and comprehensive parking assistance. The facelift model GLE has a new three-spoke steering wheel and a new upright infotainment screen and adds a number of new safety systems and options. Optional equipment such as the electric steering wheel adjustment, soft close and the electric tailgate can sometimes falter, so check before buying if all available options do as they should.


The petrol range consists of a naturally aspirated 3.5 V6 (252-306 hp) followed by a biturbo 3.0 V6 (333 hp) and a biturbo 4.7 V8 (408 hp). The ML 63 AMG has a biturbo 5.4 V8 (525 hp or 557 hp with AMG Performance Package). In addition, there are two BlueTec diesel engines, a 2.1 four-cylinder (204 hp) and a 3.0 V6 (258 hp). GLE is available with a new 3.0 V6 turbo petrol engine (272 hp). Biturbo 3.0 V6 now provides 333-390 hp, with the strongest variants reserved for GLE 43 AMG / GLE 450 AMG. The power of the biturbo 4.7 V8 is increased to 435-455 hp.

The plug-in hybrid GLE 500 e has a biturbo 3.0 V6 and an electric motor (442 hp) and is on paper (much) more economical than in practice. The new AMG versions 63 and 63 S get 557-585 hp from biturbo 5.4 V8. Problems with NOx sensors, the EGR valve and the injectors are a problem with the BlueTec V6. The diesel’s AdBlue system can also play a role. Oil consumption and turbo wear are a focus of attention for import cars that have had a hard (Autobahn) life.


The M- and GLE-Class has a 7G-Tronic Plus seven-speed automatic transmission with torque converter. The ML 63 AMG has an AMG Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic with a more sporty shift characteristics. In the GLE class, the 7G-Tronic Plus is accompanied by a 9G-Tronic nine-speed torque converter automatically. The AMG Speedshift MCT 9G-Tronic has a multiple wet plate clutch. With the exception of the rear wheel drive GLE 250 d, permanent 4Matic four-wheel drive is standard on all ML and GLE. Smart software and traction system 4ETS ensures serious off-road performance. The optional off-road package with low gearing and six different driving modes is recommended for those who regularly leave the highway or travel with a trailer. For a used car, check that the automatic transmission shifts smoothly, that the driveline (differentials, gearbox, gearbox) is free of oil leakage, and that the 4Matic system makes ominous noises.


ML and GLE are sold with conventional helical spring and adaptive Airmatic air suspension. Electric power steering and a battery of electronic auxiliary systems ensure stable and comfort-oriented handling. With the adjustable Airmatic air suspension, the comfortable and sporty side of the ML / GLE both come into their own. Off-road gives the air suspension extra ground clearance, while the system lowers the headroom and air resistance at higher speeds on asphalt. There are also disadvantages: repairs of the air springs and the compressor lead to expensive bills. The AMG versions have a modified Airmatic suspension with a stiffer tuning in Sport mode and an enlarged braking system.

Which one should I have?

With the ML, GLE and GLE Coupé, Mercedes-Benz provides an appropriate answer to almost every SUV question. From a spacious and comfortable SUV with an economical four-cylinder diesel engine to a bloody fast SUV coupe with an AMG eight-cylinder and everything in between, there is a suitable engine and version for every need, provided the purchasing budget is large enough because even used it is not a coup. For conventionally minded buyers, the ML and GLE are the most practical choice. The GLE Coupé is particularly interesting for people who value striking design more than maximum headroom and luggage space, and who are looking for a comfortable alternative to a BMW X6.

Should it be him?

The ML, GLE and GLE Coupé are a fitting continuation of previous generations of Mercedes-Benz midsize SUVs. Better than before, the models score high on quality experience, design, active driver assistance systems and luxury. What is fortunately preserved is the comfort for which the brand is known. Even the most sporty versions basically retain their relaxing character, and compared to competing models from other brands, this is where the trio stands out the most.

summer 2011 – introduction Mercedes-Benz M-Class (W166)
Autumn 2011 – ML 63 AMG
2013 – M-Class Guard
2014 – GLE Coupé Spring
2015 – GLE 63 AMG / AMG S Coupé, GLE Class
Autumn 2015 – GLE 450 AMG
2018 – introduction Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class (V167)
2019 – Introduction Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupé (C167)

This is what they cost:

Prices start at 17,495 euros for an ML 250 BlueTec (2012 / 287,000 km) and 19,450 euros for an ML 350 BlueTec (2012 / 282,000 km). The cheapest ML 350 with less than two tons (2012 / 192,000 km) costs 22,950 euros; The ML 500 (2013 / 192,000 km) starts at 32,900 euros. The cheapest GLE class is a GLE 400 (2016 / 81,000 km) for 42,950 euros. A GLE 43 AMG (2016 / 89,000 km) costs 49,950 euros and a GLE 500 (2015 / 140,000 km) costs 52,950 euros. GLE AMG 63 S (2016 / 180,000 km) is available from 63,945 euros. The starting price for the GLE Coupé is 53 miles (43 AMG / 2016 / 208,000 km).

share prices

Brake pads front, pr. set 172.07 Brake discs front, pr. set 327.66 Steering arm front axle left / lower, pcs. 201,75 Battery 12V / 95Ah / start / stop, from 355,95 Pirelli Scorpion Verde, 255/50, – Price 19 MO, pcs. for a Mercedes-Benz ML 400 4Matic from 2013 and including VAT and exclusive mounting.

Maintenance costs

Less maintenance from 300.– Larger maintenance from 500.– The maintenance interval (ML 400) is 25,000 kilometers / 1 year.

+ comfortable
+ powerful engines
+ quality experience
+ terrain skills

Outdated infotainment
– no seven-person

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