Is online shopping a solution, or is physical shopping still better? That is the opinion of DVHN Youth Panel

Online shopping is indispensable. But is it also better than physical shopping? That is the opinion of DVHN Youth Panel.

Amazon turns 28 this week. What started as a small online bookstore on July 5, 1994, has grown into one of the largest online stores in the world.

Online shopping is indispensable. Most people have become quite accustomed to the huge selection, the usually simple exchange service and the luxury of having an item purchased online delivered to your door not much later. But is it also better than physical shopping?

Fienne Gozens (15)

Online shopping is very convenient. Choose clothes from your computer, apply a discount code, and have it delivered to your home within a week. But is it better than physical shopping? I do not think so.

To meet all demand, a huge quantity must be produced and shipped. It is bad for the environment and workers in poor countries get far too little pay under poor working conditions.

More and more orders are being placed, so employees have to work lower days. Too many people work in too small spaces, in fragile buildings. It’s nice and cheap for the company, but if something goes wrong, hundreds of people die in one fell swoop.

Many videos are shared on social media where people see cries for help on the laundry labels. Companies claim that these are poorly translated sentences, but there are those who doubt it. In addition, the clothes are of poor quality, it breaks faster, and people buy again. That’s how we stay in that circle.

In addition, mounting is not always ideal. You never know in advance how something will sit, if it will not itch too much, etc. If it does not live up to our requirements, it will be sent back and it will have to travel again. That means extra pollution.

When you physically walk into a store, all the clothes are driven in one place, saving emissions. If not, hang it back and continue. And going to town with your friends is also a lot more fun. ”

Amber Wolbers (16)

“With this subject, I fear I may be very short; I love shopping. In recent years, however, physical shopping has steadily declined. People who do not share my opinion about shopping prefer to go to sites to find and order something there.

The amount of pages is so large that many people claim that physical shopping will disappear one day, are ‘real’ stores still needed? At least I did not go down without explaining myself first. The sites may not offer everything they can in real life.

My big sister has worked in retail stores, primarily clothing stores, for as long as I can remember. When I was 15, with her help, I got a job in the store where she worked at the time. During that work, I learned that people, especially the elderly, also go to the stores to have a chat. Moreover, the personal help you can offer people is impossible to get online in real life.

Of course, these are not all extremely important reasons why physical stores should not disappear, but contact between people is hugely important. The street scene for people who enjoy an afternoon of shopping in busy shopping streets is, in my opinion, something that is a shame to want to get rid of them all.

I do not think it is necessary for us Dutch people to isolate ourselves even more from each other. Before applying online, first check with your local stores so you can stay in touch with and support your environment. ”

Alexander Paapst (14)

“Do we ever go back to the time when everything came from physical stores in your town or city? Probably not. Online shopping has now become as common and indispensable as oxygen.

Online shopping is easy because you do not have to drive anywhere. You just surf the internet to the destination. It is also good for the environment.

You can also easily compare prices online. This way you can easily buy the cheapest or the best product. There are also no opening hours online. You can buy products there 24/7 without anyone sending you out.

And what about the large assortment on the web? What do the physical stores do in return? How can they win this match?

Physical stores also have a number of pointers with which they can differentiate themselves from online stores. That way, they are much more reliable. You can try, see and experience products before you buy them. Online you have to hope that the picture is correct and you will also be cheated more often.

Physically, there are all kinds of specialists who can help you. You can also get advice more easily and you have available customer service. Instead of waiting for a response via email, you will see someone the same day.

But the highlight is the fun. It is the cozy atmosphere you experience with people. Online shopping can not offer that. So online shopping is truly a gift, and at the same time, physical shopping is sometimes better. ”

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