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Financial car washAt your request, a budget coach and insurance expert will pass on your fixed expenses and provide sparring advice. This time: Bart (57) from Breda with his partner and two children in education, who would like to make status after a few years in their new house.

“When we bought our house, we had to make so many decisions in such a short time that we didn’t really have time to look at our finances properly,” says Bart. Not that he is worried: he thinks they are doing quite well financially as a family, but an evaluation is in order, Bart thought. Especially because the kids have now moved to rooms in the city where they study.

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Parental allowance

This is also the topic that budget coach Rita Brudet from Celest Financial Education addresses: ,, It is great that the children get help from their parents so that they can study with confidence. But it is also important that they learn to be financially responsible: do they also contribute themselves? ” Bart replies: ,, We also think that they should not have everything as a gift. They get their tuition fee and the rent for their study room from us, but otherwise they have to work and borrow for it themselves. ”

The breakup continues that the distribution between this family’s income and the fixed costs looks fine. She wonders what it will look like when the couple reaches retirement age within ten years. Bart: “We have already taken this into account by saving up for our pension. At that time, we will also have lower housing costs, and the children will stand on their own two feet, which saves a lot of money a month. ”


It is important to be honest with your insurance company about who drives the most in which car, otherwise they can not assess the risk properly

Michel Ypma, insurance expert Independer

Save on insurance

If they want to save even more for that time, they can always get a car out the door: They now have three. An interesting situation for insurance expert Michel Ypma from Independer. “It’s important to be honest with your insurance company about who drives the most in which car, otherwise they will not be able to assess the risk properly: It depends on your age and the injury – free years.”

Both Bart and his partner have more than 20 injury-free years, giving them a nice discount. However, they can still save: If they switch to Allianz Direct, they not only save a few euros a month, but they also no longer have a deductible. The same goes for their legal aid insurance: By switching, they save more than one euro a month and their deductible goes from 250 euros to 0 euros. “The small saving in money is certainly a nice bonus, but the big advantage here lies in the conditions,” Bart answers. “Interesting, I will definitely look into that.”

An even greater possible saving is in health insurance: Currently, the family pays a total amount of 505.76 euros per month for the whole family. According to Ypma, now that the children are older than 18, it is better for them to opt for separate health insurance. “It’s usually cheaper, and personalization is also easier: I can see, for example, that they now have extra coverage for physiotherapy, but the kids may not need that at all.” It is not yet clear exactly how much the family can save, as the prizes are re-established each year, but Ypma certainly recommends comparing the alternatives before the turn of the year. Bart: “I will put that on the agenda before the end of the year.”


Funeral insurance is usually not the type of insurance you go shopping for

Michel Ypma, insurance expert Independer

Conscious choices

Bart and his wife have also chosen to take out life and funeral insurance. Unfortunately, Ypma does not see any potential savings at first because they would not only pay more premiums but also have to pay closing costs. So shift is not his motto. The same goes for funeral insurance: “They have a competitive premium. It may be that it is a little cheaper, but it is usually not the type of insurance you want to shop around for, so choosing a particular policy is usually a considered decision, “says Ypma.

Bart and his partner have opted for in-kind insurance, which means the family can choose from a package of benefits in the event of death. In addition, there is a free amount to spend. With a endowment insurance, the family gets a sum of money and must therefore arrange it all themselves. ,, The advantage of nature insurance is that much of the work is taken from the hands. Many people are afraid of having to arrange everything at such a moment. ”

Bart agrees: he has actually deliberately chosen this type of insurance and therefore does not plan to switch. Ypma: “Understandable, because the choice for such an insurance is primarily a matter of feeling.”

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