Computable Awards 2022 polling station opens!

It’s time! Readers and visitors to Computable can cast their vote on the nominees for the Computable Awards 2022 from today. You can vote until Sunday 11 September. On October 5, we will announce the winners during a spectacular awards show. Computable received a total of 515 applications, 160 were converted to a nomination.

You can vote once in all sixteen categories via the voting module. Half of the public vote decides who wins, the other half is in the hands of the jury. The main jury for the Computable Awards 2022 includes Artie Debidien, Stijn Grove, Bart van der Mark, Ruud Mulder and Fred Streefland. It is not necessary to vote in all categories.

Note that you can only vote once. It is not possible to fill in categories that have not yet been filled in at a later date. Below are all nominees.

Solutions and people (253 registrations)

Customer experience (29 registrations)

Cyber ​​resilience (42 registrations)

Future of Work (36 registrations)

Sustainable Tech (31 registrations)

Technical start-up (27 registrations)

IT talent (63 registrations)

CxO (25 registrations)

Projects and routes (262 registrations)

Education project (23 registrations)

  • App Noot Muis (eight boards, libraries, educational publishers, SLO, Kennisnet and researchers) – Read justification
  • Data Science Academy (Hyarchis) – Read justification
  • Digital Days Veenendaal (FoodValley Region, IT companies, Veenendaal municipality and educational institutions from central Holland) – Read justification
  • Digital Academy Northern Netherlands (IT Academy, University of Groningen, Noorderpoort, Biblionet Groningen, Everyday and Sigbar) – Read justification
  • Digital Technology Cards Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Cycling Courses and Sonarski) – Read justification
  • LOT Decision Assistance (Heliomare) – Read justification
  • National TekkieWorden Week ( – Read justification
  • Do not stack but replace (Foundation School Boards Primary Education’s-Hertogenbosch and Oberon) – Read justification
  • Power App (ROC van Amsterdam – Flevoland and Wortell) – Read justification
  • Quantum Application Lab (University of Amsterdam, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, TNO, Surf, TU Delft, Netherlands eScience Center and IBM Quantum) – Read justification

Government project (28 applications)

  • Automation Finance Department (Utrecht Province, RoboRana and BMC) – Read the justification
  • Citizens’ Center (Tilburg Municipality, Salesforce and Brightfox) – Read justification
  • Central security system (ProRail and Thales) – Read justification
  • Digital buyer register (Police, Ministry of Y&V, municipalities and Winvision) – Read justification
  • Grib on crowds (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Utrecht Municipality, CBS, uCrowds and Utrecht University) – Read justification
  • Green business operations (Defense, Joint Information Command, Dustin and Closing the Loop) – Read the justification
  • Information Point Digital Government (Ministry of the Interior and National Relations, Libraries, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Tax and Customs, CAK, CBR, CIZ, CJIB, DUO, SVB and UWV) – Read justification
  • MijnData (Min Regering, Indenrigs- og Rigsministeriet og Logius) – Read justification
  • Optimal service with Liber and Corsa (8KTD and BCT) – Read justification
  • Smart Lamppost Asset Marketplace (I4Trust, Argaleo, Civity, HubLogiq, Mobility Sensing, Sensative, Sensoterra, Teneo, Startup Utrecht and WeCity) – Read justification

Care project (33 registrations)

  • Brain-controlled exoskeleton (TU Delft and Salure) – Read justification
  • Digital emergency report (HAP Maastricht, Kontrolrum Ambulancezorg Limburg and Ambulancezorg Nederland) – Read justification
  • DVDexit (VZVZ Service Center, Alphatron Medical Systems, MedicalPHIT and Mitopics) – Read justification
  • Hugo Robotic Assisted Surgery (Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital and Medtronic) – Read justification
  • M-Tiba transforms African healthcare (CarePay, Safaricom, Appronto and Mendix) – Read justification
  • Project AI-Mind (Oslo University Hospital and Radboudumc) – Read justification
  • Emergency patients better helped (GPs in Amsterdam, OLVG, CompuGroup Medical, Epic and Sigra) – Read justification
  • Voice reporting (Mijzo, Ecare and Attendi) – Read justification
  • Zero Admin (Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital and Quoratio Group) – Read the reasons
  • Remote care for half of the lung patients (Isala hospital) – Read justification

SME project (25 registrations)

  • Safe car repair (AutoTech Alliance and Tagpoint Training) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Better customer experience (Loods 5, Cisco Meraki and SLTN) – Rationale to follow as soon as possible
  • Report CO2 emissions (UTS and BigMile) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Digital manhole watch VISICS (Access Technology Group, Dell Technologies and VMware) – Reasons to follow as soon as possible
  • Digital Workshop for SMEs (Brightlands Smart Services Campus, Limburg Province, LIOF, MKB-Limburg, LWV, Economic Cooperation South Limburg, Parkstad Region, Heerlen Municipality, LarkInfolab, Betawerk and Conclusion) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • DRIVE MKB (ROC Tilburg, Mindlabs, Binnenstad Management Tilburg, Appsemble and Fontys Hogeschool ICT) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • FPC @ UT (University of Twente and Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Loyalty platform Medemblik LivingLAB (MEVO, Medemblik Municipality, bViva Mobile, SG De Dijk and Hogeschool Inholland) – Justification follows as soon as possible
  • Public transport transactions in public cloud (Translink, Solvinity, Microsoft Azure and CloudBilling) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Smart Industry Twin (Brainport Innovation Campus and Fontys) – Reasons to follow as soon as possible

Large company project (23 registrations)

  • Better collaboration (Movares, Debble and Wortell) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Customer data platform (G-Star and Sigma Data) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Data Platform 2023 (Aegon and Amazon Web Services) – Reason to follow as soon as possible
  • Digital access to parking and waiting areas (CTC Amsterdam Westkant, Schiphol, Port of Amsterdam, Wallenborn and Be-Mobile) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Log in with iDIN (Aegon) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Koopman Container App (Koopman, Axians and Mendix) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • More insights for clients (Achmea Investment Management, Power BI, Microsoft Azure and Wortell) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • MijnOAZ 2.0 (OAZ, Usoft and Endava) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Project Strain (ONVZ and Solvinity) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Traceable cable reels (Draka, Technische Unie and RTI Blockchain) – Justification to follow as soon as possible

Digital Innovation (26 registrations)

  • Always filled feed silos (ICIT) – Read justification
  • Asset Care Platform (Falcker, Symbio and OutSystems) – Read justification
  • Crop Controller (Blue Radix, OutSystems and Microsoft Azure) – Read justification
  • Digital Mobility Platform (Bovemij and TCS) – Read justification
  • Face recognition on maps (Secure Logistics and 20face) – Read justification
  • IRMA – remains responsible for your digital ID (Amsterdam Municipality, Informat, SIDN and Radboud University) – Read the justification
  • My E-Hospital (Netcompany) – Read justification
  • SeCRet home monitoring box with home measurement app (Erasmus MC and Chipsoft) – Read justification
  • Smart epilepsy camera (Academic Center for Epilepsy Kempenhaeghe / Maastricht, Foundation Epilepsy Institutions Netherlands, UMC Utrecht, Eindhoven University of Technology, Hobo Heeze, Pontes Medical, EpilepsyNL, LivAssured, CLB, Dravet Syndrome Foundation) – Read justification
  • X-Wall (‘s Heeren Loo) – Read justification

Digital transformation (26 registrations)

  • Communities of Practice (Philips) – Read justification
  • Digital Next Academy (PostNL) – Read justification
  • Automated International Home Value Model (Matrixian Group) – Read justification
  • Control of driver behavior with iot (Crossyn and T-Mobile) – Read justification
  • Intelligent management and maintenance of public lighting (BrainCreators, Luminext, Utrecht Province and Utrecht Municipality) – Read justification
  • Interpretation of Management System (Livewords, Transfer Solutions and OutSystems) – Read justification
  • New dealer portal (Urban Arrow, Appronto and Mendix) – Read the justification
  • PANDA challenge (Radboudumc, NOW, KWF Alpe d’HuZes, Karolinska Institute, Google Health and Aiosyn) – Read justification
  • Determination of RNA sequence of cells (Erasmus MC and TU Delft) – Read justification
  • Robot process automation (Randstad) – Read justification

Sustainability and CSR (35 registrations)

  • Combating food waste and climate change (Foodprint Group and Mendix) – Read the explanatory memorandum
  • The energy transition: girls can make a difference (Alliander, Enexis Netbeheer, Stedin and TenneT) – Read justification
  • More digital to work (Reading and Writing Foundation, Digital Collective, SBCM and Google Netherlands) – Read justification
  • HP Approved Selection of Flex IT (Flex IT Distribution and HP Holland) – Read the Rationale
  • ITvitae – Read justification
  • Motopp – Read justification
  • Testing online skills in a new game (UpgradeNL, Jet-Net & TechNet and FutureNL) – Read justification
  • Volunteers become developers (Dutch Red Cross, OutSystems, Deloitte and Transfer Solutions) – Read justification
  • TCS Sustainathon – The Balance Sheet Act (Tata Consultancy Services) – Read the justification
  • Make the vehicle fleet more sustainable (Iron Mountain) – Read justification

Partner project (43 registrations)

  • Data platform for better care (KwadrantGroep, ilionx and Microsoft) – Justification for following as soon as possible
  • The digital transformation of Schiphol Finance (Oracle, OneStream and GoTransverse) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Digitization of laws and regulations (De Volksbank, Connext Lab, Lifely and Ruler) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Newspaper and photos linked (KB, Noord-Hollands Archief, Groninger Archives, Sioux Technologies and Picturae) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Modernization of municipal operations (Rotterdam municipality, Deloitte and Oracle) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • Online teaching (Culture Connection, Duppal and Zoom) – Justification to follow as soon as possible
  • SAP Cloud (National Office for Caribbean Netherlands, iQibt and SAP) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Rental app (Becx Rental, ddots, Mendix and Afas Software) – Rationale will follow as soon as possible
  • Visual positioning (Arnhem municipality, Bartiméus and eZwayZ) – Justification will follow as soon as possible
  • Mapping of bird colonies with GIS and drones (Bureau Waardenburg, Rijkswaterstaat, Stichting Het Zeeuwse Landschap and Esri) – Justification will follow as soon as possible

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