Ex-addict (21) starts own online company to help other sufferers (Zandhoven)

Mathieu Verhoeven with the page for his crowdfunding campaign on his laptop. © kristin matthyssen

Pulderbos, Zandhoven

Mathieu Verhoeven (21) from Pulderbos ended up in a problematic drug use around the age of fifteen through wrong friends and difficult private relationships. But he has been completely clean for a year now. Mathieu – today a social work student – followed a coaching course as an experience expert and now wants to help compassionate people with his online start-up ProQuit. To further develop his business, he has started a crowdfunding campaign.

Kristin Matthyssen

Mathieu Verhoeven looks like a healthy, well-balanced young guy. And he has been that way ever since he gave up all drugs at the age of 20. “My problems started when I went to high school, and it got harder at home in my private life. When I was 15 I started hanging out with the wrong people. I started with cannabis and went over to ecstasy. What started as escapism once a week eventually became a habit. Before school, after school: I used daily, mainly cannabis. Drug use certainly does not only take place in an urban context. It is also a big problem in this country. I first really got in touch with it at school. ”

Wrong friends

Mathieu ended up in the B stream because the drugs hindered his normal functioning. He quarreled a lot with his parents. “Fortunately, our bond is now very close again. My good friends from the past I rejected. Breaking contact with people from the past is typical. In the group of friends I was circulating in at the time, everyone used. ”

Mathieu was at least four years in the grip of drugs.

Mathieu was at least four years in the grip of drugs. “It’s not just an urban phenomenon.” © kristin matthyssen

Mathieu visited a psychologist a few times on the advice of his parents. “I was very close to going to a rehabilitation center, but the stigma was so great. At least forty times I tried to stop myself, but I had relapses every time. “

The fact that at the age of twenty he still managed to say goodbye to his addiction forever, he attributes to his own plan of action linked to personal desires. “I went on a long trip abroad and realized that I have always been someone who wanted to help people. Because I myself had so much trouble with the threshold of going to a real clinic, I followed a coaching course to start an online business to help others with the security around their own privacy. That was my goal. I am currently studying to be a social worker and have made a business plan to start my company ProQuit as a self-employed student. Here I focus on healthy addicts who want to be helped online to build a stable foundation for a sober life. ”

Social Media

The only thing holding Mathieu back is financial resources to start up. “Social media is extremely important to my target audience. I have already made some posts via Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. But to make better videos and an attractive website, I started a crowdfunding via gofundme.com under the title ‘help addicts through successful sobriety’. ”

“Having a goal to change is a beginning. At least forty times I stopped and then had relapses.” © kristin matthyssen

Mathieu has already raised 520 euros. He needs 40,000 euros to roll out the complete business plan for his one-man business. Striking: the official language of his videos and crowdfunding page is English. Hi, my name is Mathieu Verhoeven and I’m a healthy addict, he addresses the reader without hesitation. “I do not want to limit myself to Belgium with ProQuit. The benefits of such an online one-man business are that I can offer free coaching via YouTube videos, and individual 1 to 1 coaching. I do not pretend that I can help everyone and will have to refer some. But my desire to help others is authentic, and I want to share all the obstacles I had to overcome to overcome myself. ”

Link to the crowdfunding website: https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-addicts-to-through-succesful-sobriety

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