Two thirds of the processes Dutch companies digitized

Dutch companies have digitized two thirds of their processes. In three years, it is almost 80%, they expect. Compared to 2021, there are no major shifts, although the trade sector is doing better. Across all sectors, there is great confidence in the future of digitalisation. No less than 56% of respondents believe that almost all processes will be digitized in five years. This is stated in an online sample conducted by Kien Research on behalf of Visma Software. The results are now available in the Digitization Index 2022.
For the sixth year in a row, the degree of digitalisation of the Dutch business community was mapped. The share of digitized processes is now 66%, in 2025 it is expected to be 78%.

Processing of banking transactions remains most digitized
Processing banking transactions is the most digitized process with 75%. The public / non-profit sector leads with 83%, followed by services with 77%. The differences between the large corporate market and the SME market are small.
Almost three quarters of all invoices are sent digitally. This year, digital invoice sending is more popular among smaller organizations (76%) than larger ones (71%). The threshold for sending invoices digitally seems to be largely on the customers’ side again this year. 68% of invoices are received digitally, for both SMEs and larger companies. More than two thirds of invoices are also processed digitally, where the difference between SMEs and larger companies has almost halved compared to last year.

Most of them work remotely and several smaller organizations in the cloud
67% of employees can access the company’s systems from anywhere and anytime. This year, there is again a clear difference between the large corporate market (74%) and SMEs (61%). The number of organizations working in the cloud has remained the same at 58% compared to last year. Cloud use in SMEs (60%) has increased slightly compared to the business market (56%).

More plans for further digitization
Almost a quarter (24%) of the organizations surveyed state that they want to automate more business processes. Both in SMEs and in the business market, HR is mentioned as one of the processes that organizations want to digitize. There is also a desire for more digitization in terms of inventory management and production.
Like last year, most companies approach digitalisation in a strategic way: 34% emphasize digitization from the overall business strategy. Just over one-fifth opt for an integrated approach. Nearly half of the organizations in the business market are strategically engaged in digitization; it is twice as much as in SMEs.

Challenges in further digitization
Where do companies see the biggest challenges in digitizing their processes? Safety is again the first priority this year. Their concerns include cybercrime, privacy and the GDPR. People also remain a point of attention. How do you get them involved in change? How do you train them well? And how do you get the right knowledge for digitizing processes?

Everything digitally in five years
A large majority (56%) expect that all processes in the majority of companies will be automated within five years. In SMEs, confidence in the progress of digitalisation over the next five years is slightly higher than in the large business market.

The survey was conducted in April 2022 among those with ultimate responsibility and (co-) decision-makers in the field of finance in organizations with at least 10 employees in SMEs, the large corporate and (semi) public sector.

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