Action and Albert Heijn come with their own fan collection, but who buys it?

You can get them for 3.49 euros. Blue bath slippers from Action with the store chain’s logo. They go well with socks and vests with the same logo.

“A real collector’s item. Do everything you can to show that you are a real Action fan. This fine cardigan from your favorite store will be outfitted at your next festival. Or just fine for at home”, says the store ad with vest . For those who also want to go in corporate underwear, there is an Action boxer shorts.

Only in the Netherlands

Action has stores in eleven countries, but the fanware is currently only for sale in the Netherlands, a spokesman said. “We’re originally a Dutch company, and we know it’s fun here perceived. We would first see how excited the reactions are. “

birthday present

They seem to be good, given the reactions on the chain’s official Facebook page. “I’m completely happy with the slippers,” writes one with three smileys behind. “The best birthday present ever,” said one man, who appears to have received the entire fan line as a gift.

In the store, sales seem to be a little harder. The shelves are still filled up in a store in Breda. A thief shows the slippers on a video call to a friend, asks for his size and takes a pair with him. However, the space with the vests is still completely filled.

Action does not want to disclose exactly how many products have been issued and how many have now been sold.

Thousands of items

“We have supplied all 405 Dutch stores with sufficient stock. So in total there are thousands of goods, and we can do that in a while. But we feel that it is going well. We will see how it goes, but if everyone is so enthusiastic continue, we can expand the rein line, “the spokesman told RTL Z.

Fisherman’s hat from Appien

Albert Heijn also launched his own clothing line last week, where the logo is printed. The clothes are designed in-house, according to a spokesman. The clothing line consists of a shirt, fisherman’s hat, socks, a sweater and shorts. “The ultimate summer outfit,” the company calls it.

“Intended for festivals, campgrounds, a day at the beach,” a spokesman said. The company is talking about a limited edition. Albert Heijn does not want to say anything about the specific sales figures and circulation figures. “We did not buy mega large, a limited edition per store. But it has been very well received. We hear from many customers that they like it.”


Other retailers such as Zeeman, FEBO and Wibra have had their own clothing line for some time. Why is Albert Heijn coming only now? “We are now 135 years old, so we thought it was a good time.”

The fan collection is part of Albert Heijn’s new clothing and home textile brand, called ‘Blue’, which went on sale earlier this year. However, it is no longer in stores and the reference has also disappeared from the website except for a single piece of clothing.

“But that collection will be back in the fall,” the spokesman said. These are clothes without the store’s logo, such as neutral blouses and polos and towels.

In other countries around us, clothes are sometimes also sold in large supermarkets, such as the French hypermarkets. Retail and fire expert Paul Moers does not believe, however, that clothing sales in the Netherlands will have an impact in smaller supermarkets in terms of area.

‘I can not see much in it’

“Then you as a supermarket will compete with H&M and Primark. It is incredibly complex in terms of purchasing and will not work. I see a bit in that.” Although both Action and Albert Heijn have fans, Moers also looks a bit in the merchandising line of fantasy.

“Forget it. They all want to emulate each other. Zeeman was the first, they also know a lot about fashion. They really put their own brand up with a blink of underpants that looked like Bjørn Borgs in terms of the placement of the logo. But Action and Albert Heijn knows nothing about fashion. “

Who wants to go around with it, Moers wonders. “You’re a bit like a joker. If you want to get people to wear that clothes, then you have to have real apostles who worship you as Jesus and who go blind to your brand. They do not notice that, certainly not Albert. . “

He nuances something. “Of course someone wants to buy the products they have on the shelf for an apple and an egg. But this is not flying out of the store. The fan base is not big enough for that,” Moers expects.

Marketing trick

“This is a pure marketing ploy. The turnover in the supermarkets is rising, but it is due to inflation. In terms of volume, they are selling less, so they are looking for a solution. But copying behavior, just imitating Zeeman, does not work. It is possible, but then it must be done. ” you can also take it to the next level and they do not. Shoemaker sticks to your last, and it’s not clothes, “advises Moers.

Boxer shorts with cult status

Zeeman, trendsetter in merchandising in the Netherlands, released the first fan collection exactly 12.5 years ago (2009). Yellow boxer shorts with the Zeeman mark on the waistband were the first to hit the shelves, recalls a spokesman. These underpants were sold out in no time because of the cult status they quickly gained.

“We started with it at the time to give a sober answer to expensive designer clothes. We gave people the opportunity to make a statement against expensive brands. Below, we told that good clothes do not have to be expensive at all.”

Bikini with Zeeman logo

In 2022, advertising is still an advertising classic according to the company. The collection has been expanded with slippers, socks in different colors and designs, sweaters, t-shirts, hats and even a bikini with the Zeeman logo on. Everything is designed by our own stylists.

“There are thousands of issues per new collection. Today it is not only for sale in the Netherlands, but since the launch of the webshop it has also been a success in Belgium.”

The company regularly receives questions via social media from fans who want to expand the collection. “And sometimes they want classics from the past back. Our 12.5 year anniversary could well be a reason to come up with an anniversary collection,” the spokesperson gives a cautious look into the future.

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