How to remove your personal information from the Internet (and why it is important)

It booms business: thousands of companies collect, analyze and trade your personal data that you have left online. Often without you even noticing it – let alone giving it permission. Of course you do not want that. But what do you do about it? It is possible to have data deleted, but it is difficult and time consuming. We tell you more about how companies work and how to delete your data

A frighteningly detailed profile

When you are online, you leave a trail of digital data undetected. Apple may do a lot to protect you, but the number of cookies that you accept increases unnoticed, you have no idea what newsletters you have signed up for, and apps on your iPhone also whiz up a lot of personal information without noticing it. . If you add all this data together, you get a digital profile of you that is frighteningly accurate and detailed.

Data traders (or data brokers) are extremely interested in all this information because there is money to be made on them. Such a digital profile is found eaters For companies that want to send you highly targeted advertising – they pay hefty amounts for this. Not to mention the situation where your data ends up in the hands of scammers. These include personal data such as name, home address and passwords, but also your social security number, information about family members and your financial history.

Do you want to delete your data? What a hassle!


GDPR has been in force in Europe for several years now. This law states, among other things, that you must always be able to see all your data and that you have the right to be forgotten: Companies must delete your data if you ask them to. It sounds good, but research shows that it takes you more than 300 hours to find all the data brokers who may have your data, contact them and request that they delete your data.

Have you unsubscribed everywhere and had your data deleted? Then profiles of you will simply be rebuilt. It is a continuous process and after a few months you can start all over again. So you have to jump through a lot of hangers to get all this done.

Leave it to a service

Fortunately, there are also companies that delete the data for you so that you have time for the nicer things in life. Like Incogni. This relatively new service comes from the creators of Surfshark, a well known and trusted VPN provider. So with a lot of knowledge about online privacy.

Incogni will contact the data brokers on your behalf and ask them to remove your personal data from databases. They then handle the case completely and continue to ensure that your personal data does not reappear in the database, through repeated requests for deletion of personal data. You can see the status of everything that happens on a personal dashboard: There you can see if your request is ‘completed’, ‘in progress’, ‘rejected’ or ‘not started’.

You must of course leave some personal information about yourself, because the service must of course have starting points to be able to contact companies. In addition, you must sign a form (limited power of attorney) to authorize Incogni to act on your behalf.

Direct to Incogni

How does Incogni know who has your data?

The service does not know that at all. But Incogni has a list of 131 major data retailers, and the list continues to expand. It uses a smart algorithm that predicts how likely it is that a particular data trader has your data. Institutions that possible have data about you, we will then write to you with a request to delete them. Do they have no data? Fine, nothing to worry about. However, if they have data, they must comply with that request due to the GDPR.

Price tag

Incogni is not free, it works with a subscription model. We secretly agree with that, because that way we know that we are certainly not the product. The normal price is € 9.99 per. month. But now there is a special offer: an annual subscription with a 50 percent discount, then you pay € 4.99 per month. And are you not satisfied? Then you can cancel it within thirty days. Do you know more? In the video below, you will learn how it all works.

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