Anywyse helps students study through sound

What is Anywyse?

Anywyse is an ‘audio marketplace’ where students can create, buy and listen to audio modules (Wysers) in 10 to 15 minutes. These modules are specially developed to remember content, and are written and recorded by selected students and voice actors.

Jukema (far right in the image above): ‘We developed our’ scripts’ in such a way that the information, through repetition and a clear structure, actually sticks. In this way, we ensure that listening becomes real learning. ‘

According to Jukema, there are several organizations in the Netherlands that make sound modules for students, but there is still no marketplace where students can also develop and offer their own sound modules. ‘The competitor offers long modules, made by specialists. We offer short modules in a marketplace. These modules are of high sound quality and last about 10 to 15 minutes. That is what the new generation demands’.

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Whos behind?

Julien Jukema (27) was ‘fired’ from HAVO, after which he ended up at HBO and later university via MAVO and MBO. ‘I have seen the whole Dutch education system. That’s how I knew: Here are opportunities. ‘

When he went to college, he got sick. ‘I got cancer, which created the need not to dream but to do. My brain was not functioning properly due to the chemotherapy. I had trouble reading. That was when the podcast trend started, with this multi-billion dollar industry growing at a rate of 30 percent per year. That’s how I got the idea for Anywyse. ‘

With Anywyse, you study while taking a walk outside or making a healthy meal

Jukema is no stranger to entrepreneurship. During his studies, he already founded two previous companies: JV SUITS (a sustainable suit company) and (a website for anniversary articles for students).

Anywyse is a concept of Jukema and Carolina Posma (26), but due to personal circumstances she is no longer in the startup. The team currently has seven part-time employees. ”

Who’s waiting for that?

The sound modules are for students who want to experience less stress and / or learn better by listening, instead of or in addition to reading.

‘An exam period is stressful. Then you want to do things that are good for you so that you do not sit in books all day, “says Jukema. ‘With Anywyse you study while taking a walk outside or making a healthy meal. It gives students back their freedom. That’s how Anywyse got its name: to get smarter, anywhere. ‘

Within the target group of students, Anywyse is particularly useful for students (between 8 and 16 percent) with dyslexia, says Jukema. ‘We solve a big problem for this group. The reactions? They are fantastic! Students with dyslexia no longer feel “stupid” and can finally keep up with the pace of their fellow students. ‘

Jukema also responds to the podcast’s trend with the audio modules. ‘About 73 percent of students in the Netherlands still listen to a podcast in their spare time. Studying through sound is therefore very natural for him. ‘

Julien Jukema. Photo: Anywyse

How far is Anywyse?

Anywyse was created under the Acceleration program of the Humanities Lab at UvA. This program was organized by 10X, a company that specializes in large-scale production and financing of startups. During the program, the platform was developed and the first investment was raised.

In the first phase, Anywyse focused on b2b: Anywyse for college or university. This summer, the start-up will open up the marketplace, and Anywyse will target entire students in the Netherlands. ‘We offer sound modules, but also ensure that the new generation can easily translate knowledge into sound, to share it with each other and thus learn from each other.’

The startup also sees international potential. ‘Because many subjects in the studies are the same and the modules are taken in English, we can also at a later date make universities and students abroad aware of the materials.’

What is the revenue model?

Anywyse is experimenting a lot at the moment. “We would like to switch to a subscription model after the summer, but we do not yet know exactly what it will look like. The student probably gets a number of points a month – for five or ten euros – with which he or she can buy a course. Does the student develop a sound module himself? Then he gets the bulk of the proceeds. In this way, we create a marketplace for supply and demand. ‘

Jukema does not yet want to disclose exactly what percentage of the profits go to the student.

Do you still need money?

In June last year, Anywyse raised 125,000 euros in a first investment round from the EdTech fund Anadya Investments and the student fund ASIF Ventures, a venture capital fund that supports the start-up of students and recent graduates.

Jukema uses the money raised to switch from a B2B model to a marketplace. The team is currently preparing an even bigger investment round of around 800,000 euros for the autumn.

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