Bunzl Retail is now generating its own energy

Ernie van Huet and Wilbert Wachtendonk from Bunzl Retail & Industry / Photo on: Jelle Wielinga

Sustainability – Bunzl Retail & Industry will now take care of its own energy. The company installed 3,567 solar panels on the roof of the location in Arnhem. The company within packaging and logistics retail solutions is thus taking the next step towards a sustainable future.

For the panels, it was necessary to place 22 kilometers of electrical cables on the roof of the company Arnhem. In addition, numerous internal adjustments must be made. But now that it is in use, the company can now supply both the Arnhem and Waalwijk sites with self-produced electricity.

Sustainability policy

Bunzl Retail & Industry looks not only at its own business in its sustainability policy, but at the entire chain. From supplier to waste treatment and from consumer behavior to their own environmental performance. The company therefore maps the figures each year based on the three scopes’ fuel, electricity and waste. Steps are being taken to reduce, save and recycle more, and ambitious goals have been set for next year. The use of solar energy is a big step towards achieving the goal of using 100 percent renewable electricity by 2025. “We think it is important to do a little better every day. For the environment and for society. For example, we are aware of circularity and support local care. In terms of the environment, the installation of solar panels is a good new example, “says Wilbert van Wachtendonk, CEO of Bunzl Retail & Industry.

Energy neutral

The 3,567 solar panels provide a capacity of 1,212 kilowatt peak (kWp). This corresponds to the electricity consumption of more than 475 family households per year. As a result, the company can enjoy its own produced electricity all year round, and all electric cars of staff and visitors can also be charged. “And in the future also trucks. This results in a reduction of 227 tonnes of our annual CO emissions, which means that we as a company will operate energy-neutral. We return the surplus energy to the electricity grid, ”explains Ernie van Huet, Manager Operations at Bunzl Retail & Industry.

Source: Bunzl / @ FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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