IT consumption has exploded. This Eindhoven company is creating order in the chaos of the Brainport Industries Campus

The head office for ITAM solutions has been located on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) since 2020. An extremely inspiring environment, says CEO Khalid Hafid. “We were looking for an environment where we and our people would be inspired. We chose BIC because we like to be surrounded by parties that do not necessarily look like us, but with which we have many similarities.” Key words here are technology, innovation and progressiveness. For Hafid and his team, all of these components come together at BIC. “And of course, it’s a beautiful location, too.”

ITAM solutions
CEO Khalid Hafid

Globally active

In addition to the office in Eindhoven, ITAM solutions has branches in Leiden, Gorinchem, Antwerp, Singapore and the USA. “We actually operate all over the world,” Hafid said. “We work independently of the place and can carry out our work anywhere, whether it is from home or from the office. It is also the quality that customers have come to expect from us. ” The company mainly focuses on larger companies: “You should think of organizations with more than 5000 employees. We have customers such as Danone, ASML, ABN Amro, VolkerWessels, Douwe Egberts, Koninklijke BAM Groep, Koninklijke Van Oord and so on. ”

Essential Bridge

ITAM solutions originally emerged in 2007. In January 2022, the company merged with Mproof, and in April 2022, another IT company, InfraVision, was acquired. With this, ITAM solutions put a unique offer on the market: “We build a bridge between IT Asset Management (ITAM) and IT Service Management (ITSM).”

Because not everyone will immediately understand what these terms mean, Hafid explains: “ITAM is still a relatively young branch of sport. It was first developed around 2005. At that time, it was mainly known as software asset management.” In a nutshell, according to Hafid, it’s about a company’s software assets being managed and managed through ITAM. “Think about the software and the associated costs.”

Indispensable discipline

Although it started small, ITAM has now become an indispensable discipline. Hafid: “It now fills a really official role. Not only within IT departments, but also within eg purchasing departments or the management team. Today, every company works with IT, and IT is indispensable. ” But, says Hafid, IT costs a lot of money and is difficult to manage and manage. This is exactly where ITAM comes into the picture. “As a discipline, we are actually growing together with the IT industry. The more IT there is, the more work we have to do, ”says Hafid.

IT Service Management

Derk van Wijk, CFO at ITAM solutions and former owner of Mproof, explains what the IT Service Management discipline is all about. “Mproof was founded in 1997. From the beginning, we focused on service management. In concrete terms, this means that we are launching an application for managing IT infrastructure. ” Van Wijk mentions as an example the people who walk around companies with laptops and mobile phones. Often there is little insight into who has what and which devices need to be replaced. “And if there’s a problem, where is it then exactly? Who should fix it? Within an average company, such things can no longer be kept updated manually. We have an application that keeps track of all this nicely.”

ITAM solutions
CFO Derk van Wijk


InfraVision is also a company that originally operates in service management. “They do not have their own application, but are resellers of a software package for service management, called 4me. That package is doing very well in the market, and InfraVision was the largest retailer worldwide. By now adding this to our own offering, we are able to connect and use application and at the same time respond to the customer’s wishes. All this in combination with a thorough piece of asset management, ”says Van Wijk.

Explosive consumption

The combination of ITAM and ITSM creates a clear flow of the complex software infrastructure in companies. “The vision behind this is very important. We have thought it through thoroughly,” says Hafid, explaining that a number of factors played a role in the merger of the three companies: “We looked at what was going on in the world, and among other things, how we could add value to our customers and partners. ”

According to Hafid, the ‘explosion of IT consumption’ is an important worldwide development. “In the last decade in particular, we have only begun to consume more, in all areas. THAT is no exception. Just think of the ease with which you install an app on your smartphone or the number of devices which you have at home or at work. It has all increased at a rapid pace. We call it the explosive consumption of IT. ”

All in one with ITAM solutions

Hafid explains that the combination of the ITAM and ITSM disciplines creates order out of chaos. From the customer’s perspective, this means that there is one party offering IT services across. “Whether it’s software or hardware, you can do anything with us. From the delivery of the hardware to the applications you need to do your job, to managing your subscriptions. Everything you need for your IT is now in one house. ”

Invaluable employees

Hafid is clearly proud of what he and his team have built over the years: “Yes, we certainly are. It is amazing that companies have full confidence in our ability to handle the complexity of unrelated and overgrown IT environments. We make it easy and transparent so they can focus mainly on theirs core business† He does not want to leave his employees unnamed: “Thanks to their efforts, we have reached this point. They take good care of our customers and take care of the steps we take as a company. We would not have been able to take these steps without them. “

Finally, Van Wijk: “ITAM Solutions is also a very fun and challenging company to work for. Our employees visit attractive customers and gain a lot of knowledge. They are each time inspired by all the different scenarios. We are always looking for new people, so come and see us at BIC. ”

ITAM solutions

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