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Chanti Oussoren (25) has been active in the DCA Multimedia company for over two years. After working at the editorial office for more than a year and a half (specializing in dairy and pig breeding), she switched to the marketing and sales department. As a media and sales consultant, she is responsible for customer contact and advice on how customers can best organize their campaign.

Chanti gets energy from customer contact and achieving satisfied customers. “I really enjoy the work; it’s variable and flexible. No two days are alike, it’s fun!”

How did you end up at DCA Multimedia?
“I came to DCA Multimedia through a tip from a former classmate. He pointed me to a still open position. That’s how I applied and hired! I started at the editorial office. I noticed I was ready for something new, and so I made the switch to the marketing and sales department almost a year ago. This was of course completely different and in the beginning I was also in doubt if I could do this. Still, I persevered.

Where do you get energy from?
“I primarily get energy from customer contact. I really like when big offers are agreed and there are satisfied customers. When you hear feedback from customers that they are satisfied with how the contact has gone and with the results it gives me. On the other hand, of course, there are always the harder customers who trade a little more and cost a little more energy. If you can also get a good deal with those customers, it’s very nice. I have certainly developed in this in recent times within this company. In the beginning I still needed some support in this. Now I know that I can handle the kind myself, I email and fully support it. “

What does a working day at DCA look like?
“Usually I start the day by checking my mail. The day is also always varied; from the evaluation with customers about previous campaigns and agreements with potential customers to consultations on how best to put their campaign with us.”

How do you experience the work environment?
“It’s nice, it’s just a good atmosphere, and everyone helps each other. In addition, there is always time for a joke in between or a game of table football. It also goes really well in the sales department. We are now three. Working in the department. Every week we schedule a meeting to discuss current issues, what can be improved, what is still going on and what is still open? That way we are always well informed about each other and what is going on.you are wrong or sick, it can always taken over by someone else because we are aware of each other’s contacts All in all, there is a nice and comfortable work environment where you get great freedom from the company to develop yourself! “

What type of person should you be in the marketing and sales department?
“You must primarily be able to work well together in our department and have good persistence. In addition, self-confidence and creativity are also very important; you must stand behind yourself and your communication. It is important to be able to think together with the customer about possible opportunities. to make it even better. You should also be able to deviate from other options for counseling, see if it is something. All in all, therefore, you need to have a broad thinking ability. ”

What are the positive experiences with DCA Multimedia?
“I am primarily pleased with the freedom and flexibility that the company offers you. As I mentioned earlier, the company always supports personal development and there is always room for interns’ knowledge and skills!”

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