WE.VESTR raises € 2.2 million to digitize equity management from start to exit

WE.VESTR, an Amsterdam-based equity management platform, raises € 2.2 million in an early round of funding. The funding will be used to help startups provide greater transparency to equity management and improve the financial inclusiveness of startups from start to exit. WE.VESTR will also use the funds to expand further in Europe and to enter the Middle East and the APAC region. The investment comes from Venturerock, an early-stage venture builder in Amsterdam.

“We all too often see companies go bankrupt because of strife between shareholders. Equity management is complex, and existing solutions do not match the founders’ wishes, ”says Marc Wesselink, Managing Partner at Venturerock. “WE.VESTR sets a new standard for how modern companies are structured and run. It also provides the necessary simplicity, confidence and transparency in equity management. We are pleased to support WE.VESTR in further digitizing the investment value chain and unleashing the free flow of equity across venture ecosystems. ”

Digitization of the investment value chain

WE.VESTR’s mission is to digitize the investment value chain. In short, WE.VESTR builds a digital environment for startups’ entire life cycle: from establishment, financing rounds, upscaling to exit. The platform is not only suitable for founders, investors can also use the tool to manage their portfolio in a fully digital and unified environment.

Floris van Hoogenhuyze, co-founder and CEO of WE.VESTR, says the financing enables the company to take the next step. “As our business continues to grow, so does our history. What started as a way to simplify stock management for startups, WE.VESTR is now evolving into a dynamic platform for the entire startup lifecycle – from start to exit. New technology makes To enable us to differentiate ourselves in new ways, whether in blockchain, DLT or other technology, we use innovations to give startups greater transparency and financial inclusiveness than ever before. ”

Transparency for shareholders

The funding will help WE.VESTR launch their “Eagle Eye” feature for investors and develop new features in the soon-to-be-launched internal WE.VESTR exchange. The company aims to make it easier for founders to provide quality reporting to investors and to simplify portfolio management for investors.

Because technical talent is less than ever, WE.VESTR wants to enable startups to offer employees more than just a salary. This should make startups more attractive as employers. WE.VESTR’s ESOP tool has already contributed to this, and the internal WE.VESTR exchange should make this more concrete. “By issuing all shares on a distributed ledger as tokens, shareholders will soon be able to buy, sell and trade corporate shares as the company scales. This means new opportunities for all shareholders, including employees, to take their financial future. in their own hands, ”says Van Hoogenhuyze.

More than 60 European startups and scale-ups use WE.VESTR. Key partners for the platform include investor syndicates, consulting firms such as RocketVentures, investor platforms such as Startup Fountain, incubators such as the Finnish Platform6 and the UK-based AI-driven matchmaker between startups and angel investors Kaiku.


WE.VESTR is the equity management platform, designed by founders, for founders. We save founders and shareholders time by centralizing the cap table, performance, legal documents, ESOPs and stock reward frameworks on one platform. The company was founded in 2020 by Floris van Hoogenhuyze and Maarten Graven and currently has 20 employees in 5 different countries. For more information, visit: www.wevestr.com

About Venturerock

Venturerock is an early stage of Venture Builder that allows founders to modify systems. Venturerock is pioneering a new-age venture operating system – Venturerock OS® – designed to systematically guide companies from early startups to mature upscaling. By promoting technology, science and innovation, we contribute to the next generation of global technology companies that have economic, social and environmental impact. For more info, see: www.venturerock.com

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