Hans is the new owner of De Boerinn: ‘It’s not just a decision you make within a day’

Farm De Boerinn in Kamerik has had a new owner for two months now. Hans van der Stok had worked for the company for over two years and together with the team he established a campsite in no time. He is now the proud owner of De Boerinn and wants to continue to grow with the big company in the coming years.

Af: Lotte Voorbij

The Hoogendoorn family, who founded De Boerinn, had for some time been looking for someone to take over the helm. “It’s not just a decision you make within one day,” says Hans when asked if he should think long and hard about his new position as owner. “But it is a very versatile company that offers many opportunities. There is plenty of room to do business. ”

For Hans, the takeover of Boerinn was a considered but logical choice. “Just look around,” Hans says with a laugh. “Almost no one has such a job.”


During the corona period, Hans and Hugo Oudejans quickly set up a campsite in De Boerinn. “It has to do with the lockdown that was at the time,” Hans says. “De Boerinn had many bookings for meetings, and within a few weeks this was completely empty.” To make sure De Boerinn stayed put, they looked at what could be done. ”

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The safari tents. Photo: Lotte Voorbij

Safari tent and storm

Since the first power plugs were driven into the ground, the campsite has expanded significantly. De Boerinn, for example, has recently started offering safari tents. “These were badly damaged in the storm in February, now we have seven new ones that are much stronger.”

The pitches for caravans and motorhomes have also been improved. “We continue to improve our location and facilities, I think that is very important,” says Hans. According to him, a good team is indispensable in this. “When you have a strong team, you can achieve a lot.”

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Photo: Lotte Voorbij

Close team and family

Like its predecessors, the Hoogendoorn family, the current Boerinn is also a family business. For example, the daughters of Hans aged 16 and 18 are active in the company. “My oldest daughter really enjoys being behind the bar,” Hans says.

“And the youngest is found mainly in the kitchen.” His wife also jumps in here and there when needed. “There are days when we are all at one event. It is very special.”

So far, the two daughters have no ambitions to keep the business in the family. “Perhaps the thought most important to me is that this is an opportunity for them, but they are not working on it,” says Hans. It’s good too, according to him. “They learn a lot here, but if they have to study or do something else, it’s the number one priority.”

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The Boerinns terrace. Photo: Lotte Voorbij


Hans is positive about the future. “De Boerinn is a broad concept with many possibilities. There is plenty of space, many ideas and a good team “, says Hans. “The road we are on now, with more sleeping options and accommodations, offers many new opportunities for the future.”

Plan the low season

At least De Boerinn does not lack cool plans and activities. In the coming period, the company wants to renew itself and has plans for Hans for the low season to continue in this way, even when the weather is not poldersport. “Making sustainability and innovating is very important for the future,” says Hans.

Hans looks positively on the coming summer and the following. “De Boerinn’s concept is simply very strong,” says Hans. “We are hospitable, everyone is welcome and with the team we ensure that our guests walk around with a smile. We want to continue to do so in the future. ”

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