Rebels with respect for tradition

As an agency from Brabant, he sometimes feels a little ignored because all the attention of the trade press goes to the big advertising giants, while with 20 employees he makes as many interesting and effective communications to dozens of clients as Burger King, the province of Zeeland. , Bosch, the fruit and vegetable company Aartsen, 100% NL, Swinkels Family Brewers and many others. In addition, together with his partner BrandWorks – the largest player in children’s clothing in the Benelux – he has created his own successful children’s clothing brand, SuperRebel Kidsgear, which is mainly run by his wife. Later this year, the clothing brand will be expanded with functions for adults (fitness), a sneaker line and a collaboration with Quick sports shoes.

The clothes for children are for sale online through the well-known channels such as, Zalando, Daka, Intersport and some specialized clothing and sports stores.

Superrebel kids gear can be compared to RedBull, which is basically a marketing company on the inside, and which has developed all kinds of merchandise that expresses the brand.

“We want to show that we can use our brand for more products and services, as long as the thinking is right. Our dream is to build big brands for the customers and become a big brand ourselves. Our starting point is always Be brave, be brave and choose creativity to increase the effectiveness of your brand. We also apply that proverb to ourselves. SuperRebel is a strong brand, and we like to show that something like children’s clothing is also possible, it makes us not only more visible, but also more credible. ‘

Visibility that also pays off, for customers and prospects see, for example, the SuperRebel children’s equipment during their skiing holiday, and in fact it’s all advertising for the agency.

‘People are triggered and come to us, which works very successfully. We also like it through all sorts of fun advertising stunts, like recently for a restaurant called Lust. During the renovation, we covered it with red fluorescent tubes that look like a brothel. In the window it said: Here comes Pure Lust. It people talk about and it arouses their curiosity. We have already gained a number of new customers. ‘


Asked what new marketing insights the past ten years have provided, Varossieau says that the covid period in particular was a time of reflection for many companies and brands.

During the corona, where many marketing budgets were frozen or improved, customers began to think more about their brand and its foundation

They apparently had some time to distance themselves and take a critical look. Many marketers have lost their focus, not knowing exactly what their brand stands for. Building a strong brand is again at the top of the agenda for marketers, and we are happy to help them with that. ‘ According to the agency director, ‘the value of a brand is becoming extremely important. You can see that marketers are once again fully appreciating the brand and using it more economically. It’s also a question we get a lot: can you help to literally give the brand more value? Where previously there was a lot of focus on sales and even more sales, now there is a focus on brand assets. What makes your brand special and relevant? ‘ As an example, Varossieau mentions the transformation of its customer Burger King, which now places much more emphasis on quality, social awareness and friendliness in marketing and advertising. “We have been able to create a different and better feel for the Burger King brand in all communications, including packaging, with Burger King’s international marketing team.”

Another recent insight, according to him, is that brands should dare to make choices more often.

Varossieau sees that brands still want to air too many messages at once in their communication.

This leads to chaos and proliferation. ‘In that regard, I sometimes look back in time with some melancholy. When advertising focused on one phrase that clearly explained what you wanted to achieve with a brand. Let’s say we embrace the big idea and make powerful advertising slogans. But I see a revival of it in Britain. Young creatives are often not very good at it, maybe we should start honoring and at least cherishing the seniors again. In our creative teams, I always look for the balance between people with great experience and an eye for the craft and young people who think much more from the social and online perspective. We like to educate these young people and we now have a strong management team in our office. Experience is greatly underestimated in this industry. I think it’s great that a creative director in the United States can be 75 years old. ‘

SuperRebel then seems to want to push the boundaries of the name, but there is certainly respect for the craft and the classic advertising. Varossieau: ‘Creativity is super important to us, that’s where it all starts.

Sometimes we look for the edge, but we never lose the goal, which is to achieve effect, create effect. We prefer to do this with enterprising marketers who decide quickly and want to seize momentum.


Asked which brands he would like to add to his list, he says: ‘It could be anything, but for me it’s primarily about the mentality, what they want to change about their brand and why. I am very happy that companies also spontaneously come by and ask us to put our vision of the brand on an A4 sheet. Just to challenge and see if we understand and can do something about it. Rather never pitch again; they cost too much energy and time and you get nothing back. When people come to us, they have known for a long time whether it is a fight or not. ‘

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