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We are OVER: the work organization of the municipalities of Oostzaan and Wormerland. Two municipalities that are administratively independent. OVER is a small but large organization. But at the same time we are big on subjects. This is due to our location close to the major cities of Zaanstad and Amsterdam. Because of this proximity, we know many of the challenges of a larger city. We tackle them with a close-knit team. There is a family atmosphere at OVER: Colleagues help each other.


We are in a new phase, and a breath of fresh air is blowing through the finance and control department. You are the fresh breeze! We think it is important that our new team leader is a link; one who naturally likes to follow you and who is a strong sparring partner for the team but also for the department head. We would be happy if you come and enrich us with your knowledge of municipal finances. Your new team consists of real professionals, so we want you to help them develop. You do this in a people-oriented way, for example by coaching them. That way, you really make a difference in a small organization where you quickly see results.


  • You are someone with experience in coaching and developing employees. It gives you a lot of energy;
  • You have knowledge of economics in non-profit organizations. Knowledge of municipal finances is a big plus;
  • You are able to create an overview and coordinate tasks in a short time. Of course, you do it in a people-oriented way. Friendly, clear and with a bit of humor;
  • You have at least HBO work and thinking level;
  • You can think of a higher level of abstraction. You are able to think tactically in relation to the development of the team. But also in terms of the team’s position in the organization. You are happy to involve your team and the organization in this.


The finance and control team is the financial heart of our organization. Together with finance staff, controllers and business controllers, you ensure that the finances of the OVER-Gemeenten are in order. In addition, the team is responsible for providing financial advice to the organization. The team is also partly (jointly) responsible for the legitimacy and communication with our auditor and CISO. All employees are professionals and it is your job to facilitate them in their work and development. In addition, you can lead the development of our financial organization, The Road to Control. You do this with your team, the concern controller, and the department head. You will be part of a warm and informal team. The base is there. Is it you who takes it to the next level?


  • You are the leader and captain of the team. You coordinate, spare, provide space and maintain an overview. That way, you lead the team to results;
  • You are visible and you attend various important meetings, such as staff meetings;
  • You will continue to develop the team. Think of our new roles such as business controllers, BI function and legality;
  • Embark on new projects in both coordination and implementation. Think about further implementation of risk management, legitimacy and contract management.
  • Development and organization of work processes for the finance and control team;
  • You collaborate operationally where necessary. You are not dismissive of that because you really see yourself as part of the team.


We are a fun, ambitious work organization with courage. We give you space to use your talents, to develop them and contribute your own ideas. Map:

  • A monthly gross salary of a maximum of € 6,103 (maximum scale 12 CAO SGO for a 36-hour working week, depending on education and experience)
  • An extra budget of 17.05% per year, which you can use for cycling, education / training, extra leave or monthly benefit.
  • A rock-solid pension scheme with ABP;
  • 23 days leave with the possibility of purchase;
  • An annual contribution to your health insurance expenses;
  • An annual contract with the intention of permanent employment. We are happy to commit to you!
  • A position of 32 – 36 hours per week;
  • A smartphone that you can also use privately, and a Macbook (on loan).
  • We have been working independently of time and place since 2010!
  • A wide and minimally limited range of tasks with short lines and close to the fire. Well, the advantage of small municipalities.
  • And of course a close-knit team and a comfortable working environment!


Do you want to strengthen our team? Apply directly or if you want to save, you can do it without obligation at Julian Smit (Recruits) by phone or Whatsapp (06-12853018).

Do you largely recognize yourself in this role, but do not tick all the boxes? No problem, even then you can apply or spar. We would love to talk to you about how you think you can tackle the missing points!

This position is open until July 17.

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