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Research has repeatedly shown that hybrid work is gaining in popularity. The Corona pandemic has shown the benefits of working from home on a large scale: no traffic jams, better work-life balance, more job opportunities. Entrepreneurs are now looking for future-proof solutions. Because how do you implement a hybrid work environment, do you ensure that you maintain a bond with your employees and what tools do you need for this?

Cindy van Rijswijk

July 7, 2022

“There is no one-size-fits-all,” says Michiel Meyer, CEO of Workwize, an online platform where employees of affiliates can order products and services for their home workplace in one place. performs better in different circumstances. It is imperative that the hybrid work policy is also approached in this way and that there is clear communication on this. “

Research conducted by Meyer shows that more than 75 percent of Dutch people prefer to work from home for more than two days. “It also turned out that almost 90 percent of companies did not know how to give their employees the right tools to be able to work well in hybrid.”

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From physical office to digital home office

According to Meyer, a good example of a company that has organized this very well, the online fashion outlet Otrium. “They have a work from anywhere policy, which means that they want people to be able to work where they want to work. It can be in the office or a co-working place. It does not matter where you are physically, it can also be abroad. And no matter what role they write, develop or sell: You can apply anywhere in the world. “

Meyer already saw this trend emerge before the corona, where companies no longer have a permanent physical workplace. “Companies are increasingly having a virtual head office, a kind of intranet platform that acts as a head office. There you can find all the information about the company, onboarding of new employees takes place, you can communicate with your employees and you can, for example, arrange things like a budget for setting up a home office. At Otrium, you can choose from three types of teams to which you can belong: full remote control, hybrid or most office. Depending on your preferences, you as an employer can then arrange all the facilities for the ideal work situation via your platform. “

“The physical character never completely disappears. The important thing about teleworking is that as a company, as a leader, you continue to actively organize things to increase that bond. Think of creative activities such as brainstorming sessions, offsites.”

Michiel Meyer, CEO Workwize

Effective company-wide communication with Slack, Teams and Notion

Doesn’t hybrid work have a negative impact on productivity, cohesion and corporate culture? Research from Gartner, a company that provides practical insights to managers and their teams, shows that this is not the case. Meyer himself has that experience. “Flexible working conditions can ensure really good connections in your company. For example, everything used to be very focused on the physical office of large international companies. You most attached yourself to the one sitting close to your desk. Now with communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams or Notion you can communicate very effectively with the whole company. It no longer matters where you are. That way, you can now bond much better with people who work elsewhere. “

The Workwize team with CEO and co-founder Michiel Meyer in the middle.

,, For example, if you want to know something about costs incurred and how to declare them, go to Workwize Wikipedia, a kind of intranet. Everyone knows: it’s the center of information. Such a remote platform is really built on it and indispensable. It is also a platform for arranging things needed to make it easier for people to work from home. To make it as easy as possible for employers and employees and implement hybrid work. “

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,, The physical never disappears completely. What is particularly important about teleworking is that as a company, as a leader, you continue to actively organize things to increase that bond. Think of creative activities such as brainstorming sessions where everyone gets to a specific place. And training courses, company outings, offsites. “

Assumed confidence: ‘I assume you will complete your task’

Mandatory office work even seems to be a barrier to diversity and inclusion. Something to consider when attracting new talent, especially given the current tight labor market. There can also be a generation gap here and there. “Many entrepreneurs and managers are still uneasy because they have the idea that hybrid work means there are fewer ties to a company. The most important thing is that you have confidence. “

According to Meyer, there are quite a few managers and supervisors who are based on the principle: I must see you (physically) work before I believe that you are doing your job well. “It’s largely based on controlling leadership. I think many of our clients, such as WeTransfer, Hellofresh, Otrium and Mollie, are based on trust, whereby a leader should not check, but support: how can I best help you, I assume you solve your task. So focused on the result, not on how many hours you work. “

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According to Meyer, Gartner’s research also shows that an employee-focused, people-centered work style – with facilitated collaboration skills and thus empathic leadership – can improve employee performance by as much as 54 percent. “When people gain confidence, they also perform better because they feel ownership in what they do.”

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