Two experienced professionals about their choice of Anderson MacGyver

Last fall, the seasoned media man Gert Jan Oelderik started in Anderson MacGyver. At the beginning of the new year, the experienced consultant Anton Bubberman also joined the company. We talked to the two about their choices for counseling and how the first months went.

When Gert Jan Oelderik started his first day with Anderson MacGyver in October, he had a wealth of experience with him, but not so much as a consultant. The subject was not entirely new to him – he had already worked as a self-employed consultant for about two years – but that is nothing compared to his many years in the media world.

Those years started in 1991, when Gert-Jan started his career as a magazine manager at Wegener Sijthoff. He then worked for IDG and Apple, and in 2004 he started at NRC Media. He became CEO there in 2008, after which he had the same role at NDC mediagroep (now Mediahuis Noord).

Then he started his own business. He is a co-founder of Blendle, De Utrechtse Internet Courant, 360 International Media and Utrecht café-restaurant Camping Ganspoort.

Just over three years ago, he switched to the consulting profession. “Not necessarily a normal step from my background”, admits Gert-Jan, who points out that in his time as director and entrepreneur he already learned the “great added value of external eyes”.

“All too often in the boardroom, calling for help is seen as a sign of weakness,” he says. “I think the opposite is true: Even world champions have coaches who say every day that things can be different and better.”

Supports lasting change

After a few years of “pioneering on his own”, Gert-Jan noted that the lack of colleagues and frames of reference limited his type of tasks and professional growth, so an acquaintance referred him to Anderson MacGyver, a consulting firm that helps clients organize themselves better. technology and dates. The first acquaintance was instant.

“One dimension that I find very interesting is that the Anderson MacGyver vision not only applies to digital change, but also supports integrative business restructuring and lasting change. All sorts of things that I did in my previous professional life suddenly had a theoretical background that I thought was a revelation. ”

“By working with the customer on logical ambitions and goals, we can achieve broadly supported transformations.”

We also clicked really well with the folks. “My conversations with HR and the two founders and colleagues were just as inspiring. The core values ​​of Anderson MacGyver are not yet tattooed, ”laughs Gert-Jan,“ but they form an important pillar of the company: We want influence. The common ambition and company philosophy was the decisive factor for me! ”

Gert-Jan looks back on his start with great pleasure: “It fell exactly during the ‘TT days’, where the team leaves for a week to train and of course to get to know each other better. The team spirit at Anderson MacGyver is strong, which is good because we often work in teams with tasks and often have basic and therefore intense discussions with each other to achieve the best result. ”

Directly immersed

After his flying start at Anderson MacGyver, Gert-Jan was “immediately immersed” in a project at NS ComIT. “We support the NS team in the development of the IT strategy. Immediately a very interesting task, where I worked with very experienced colleagues from Anderson MacGyver and professional, ambitious NS employees. ”

“The mobility world is in full swing,” he explains. “NS needs to find its role in this, and ICT and digitalisation play a major role in the transition from a pure train company to a full-service mobility provider. NS’s business and technology strategy is increasingly in line. “

Gert-Jan sees bringing business and technology together as a common thread in Anderson MacGyver’s assignments. “By working with the customer on logical ambitions and goals, we can achieve broadly supported transformations. The broad support is important, because change processes are always difficult for people. ”

Immediately a good feeling

About three months after Gert-Jan’s first day at work, Anton Bubberman began working for Anderson MacGyver. After his first meeting with the people behind the desk, he was also quickly convinced that he wanted to be in the right place here.

“During the interviews during the application procedure, I immediately got a good sense of the culture,” he says enthusiastically, “open, friendly and yet also critical and with good content. Time flew while we talked. ”

And Anderson MacGyver’s assignments and philosophy immediately appealed to him. “I got the idea that I could work for cool customers and at the same time participate internally in the further development of Anderson MacGyver’s ideas.”

“I’ve been a bridge between business and technology for years.”

Unlike Gert-Jan, Anton has been active in the consulting industry all his working life. For the past two decades, he has worked as a management consultant and project manager in IT, software and data for, among others, Scientafix, ISM eCompany (now Valantic), NoSuchCompany, De Heer Software and KVL.

“I have served as a bridge between business operations and technology for years,” says Anton. “Thereby I work as a consultant and as a director I also ensure results. I have led several complex projects with a major impact on organizations. ”

“I am usually in positions that require leadership and initiative for change,” he explains. “I focus on business value, processes, (data) strategy and change management, and also have the technical background to design and implement data architectures.”

Strong team spirit

Anton has been using this knowledge and experience for six months for Anderson MacGyver’s clients. He is now completely in place, but it was “quite exciting” at the start of this year to start in the middle of the lockdown, he admits.

“Still, I felt at home very quickly,” he recalls. “Partly thanks to a great office with a constantly changing, small number of people, a powerful online video tutorial and a couple of great projects that I was able to start right away.”

Anton is currently involved in several projects with “beautiful customers”, which often have to do with organizing data. “Think of giving a clear picture of what value can be added with data, helping with an appropriate organization and making all of this practical by taking control during implementation.”

In addition to these client projects, Anton is also fully involved in Anderson MacGyver’s internal growth. At Anderson MacGyver we work with Guilds. These are small groups with which we further develop our ideas in a number of areas of expertise. I was able to join the ‘Data to Value Guild’. Wonderful to be able to help build Anderson MacGyver with creativity and expertise. ”

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