New in Alblasserdam: Business respect & time for guidance at home (with dementia)

ALBLASSERDAM – After many years of work in elderly care, Monique van den Berghe has taken the step and started her own company Respect & Tijd. She offers support in the care of a relative with some form of dementia at home:

  • Explore together what is possible
  • Which activities provide (new) moments of enjoyment
  • (Re) experience the beautiful and valuable memories
  • What music is reminiscent of the most beautiful experiences?
  • To find the opportunities that exist
  • Provides practical tips for the home
  • Rolling out social networks

Respect & Time can also be used in case of loneliness and / or can be used temporarily during the care staff’s holiday.

Every year people get dementia. Many questions and uncertainties come your way, and many believe that life stops from the moment of indication, all certainties fall away. The ‘forgetfulness’ and the changed behavior occupy a large place and are crucial. It goes without saying that the diagnosis of dementia has a huge impact on everyone’s lives, and people think that from that moment on, life has nothing more to offer.

For many, it is difficult to imagine what is still possible and what is still possible.

If you are diagnosed with dementia, you go with your loved ones into a kind of ‘grief process’. Say goodbye to all the obvious and prepare for what is to come, the process of dementia and the fall that comes with it. But there is still so much possible, especially after the diagnosis! Based on the four pillars of our business, we will discover what your loved one is still enjoying. These columns are:

Everyone has music that makes them happy and maybe wants to dance or sing. Music is relaxing, gives joy, is fun to enjoy together and helps you through the day.

* Reminiscence

Retrieving positive memories is also known as reminiscence. It’s a great way to make contact moments more valuable. It gives confidence to be accused of things that still evoke memories. These relaxed contact moments are also very special for caregivers.

* Active indoors and outdoors
Staying active is at the heart of our existence. Get active and do as much as possible for yourself. And above all, have fun together!

*(Social network
Everyone has a network, but sometimes this gets diluted due to the circumstances. Right now, it is important to tighten and strengthen these ties again. Support from loved ones is so important and can really help you stay home as long as possible.

What options does Respect & Time offer:

Activities at the customer’s home:
This is 1 to 1 guide at the customer’s home. The customer’s wishes are central. To be active together indoors or outdoors. We determine the details of the appointment in consultation.

Step-by-step plan according to the 4 pillars
To get as complete a picture as possible of the concrete options for your loved one, you can use Respect & Time to get concrete ideas for activities using the step-by-step plan for the four pillars.

Supervising relatives

After the 1ste (free) introduction to the client (and informal caregiver) it is possible to schedule a separate appointment for specific guidance and / or questions from the informal caregiver. Together, we discuss how to deal with your loved one’s dementia and find out what’s still possible.

Respect & Time for people with dementia!

Everyone deserves respect and time!

During the introduction, non-binding and free of charge, we discuss mutual expectations and jointly decide whether Respect & Tijd can help you. You can find all information and the current rates on the website, but you can also call or send an email directly.

Monique van den Berghe
Telephone. 06-22849361

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