Solar Magazine – Analysis SDE ++ 2021

NOS, Philips, Hornbach, ProRail, Maastricht Aachen Airport, Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital and Holiday Park Hellendoorn. There are a few notable names that are awarded a grant through SDE ++ 2021.

One by one, these companies will start using solar panels in the coming period – if the SDE ++ decisions of the 2021 round are implemented. The editors of Solar Magazine have made a comprehensive analysis of companies outside the solar energy sector that have scored high in this grant round.

The supermarkets active in the Netherlands have once again found their way to the subsidy scheme. For example, Aldi managed to achieve 8 resolutions for the 7.0 megawatt peak. Among other things, the company will install 5.84 megawatt-peak solar panels at the distribution center in Drachten, which was blocked by demonstrating farmers earlier this week. That fate also befell Lidl at its distribution center in Almere, which will be equipped with a 1.2 megawatt peak in solar panels.

Poiesz Supermarkets, which has about 70 branches, will supply 3 of its supermarkets with 0.7 megawatt top of solar panels. Horeca wholesaler Sligro will install 2.8 solar panels at its distribution center at Doornhoek in Veghel.

Another food industry company is the family-owned Bravilor Bonamat – a coffee machine manufacturer active in more than 100 countries – which has received 9 orders for 2.7 megawatt-peak solar panels.

The Dutch governments are also playing a nice tune again. The various Dutch municipalities have been awarded 59 decisions, which together account for 20 megawatts peaks of solar panels.

The water and water boards received 18 decisions – good for the 16.4 megawatts peak. The water company Vitens will realize 1.7 megawatt peak PV installations at 5 locations. Finally, the province of Friesland was able to obtain grants for 2 projects with a total capacity of 0.8 megawatts peak.

DHL, IKEA and Hornbach
2 other regular customers in SDE ++, the IKEA department store and Hornbach hardware store, have been awarded subsidies for 3.7 and 2 megawatts peak, respectively.

DHL also managed to find its way to SDE ++ last year. The courier company has received 10 orders, which together account for a 10.6 megawatt peak of solar panels. The biggest decision is the expansion of the company’s distribution center in Weert. The roof of the building, which will be commissioned in 2023, will have 6.5 megawatt peaks of solar panels.

Many hundreds of farmers have also been able to obtain subsidies. Among them is a large number of farmers who want to realize a solar cell roof or a park. A striking name is Smits Groep – among others the owner of Landgoed Princepeel near Mill en Wilbertoord – which has achieved 7 decisions on the installation of 7.7 megawatt peak solar panels at its locations in Landhorst, Wanroij and Wilbertoord.

Airport and holiday parks
A large number of companies in the leisure sector have also been able to obtain subsidies. For example, Maastricht Aachen Airport will install 6.6 megawatts peak of solar panels with 4 resolutions. The solar panels will be distributed in 4 locations at the airport site: between the Noord ring road and Europalaan, on a roof to be built on P1 and 2 locations south of the passenger terminal on the edge of the Vliegveldweg. The generated energy must be used at the airport for own energy consumption for, among other things, buildings and earth equipment and later for charging electric aircraft.

The leisure center Marina Stavoren on the IJsselmeer has achieved 2 decisions with a total capacity of 1.3 megawatts peak. Holiday park Hellendoorn – located in Overijssel on the border between Twente and Salland on the edge of Sallandse Heuvelrug National Park – will in turn install 0.2 megawatts top of solar panels.

Remarkable names
Other companies that stand out are Koopman, Wienerberger and Philips Medical Systems. Koopman, an importer of more than 30,000 non-food products, will install 5.4 megawatt peak solar panels on 5 buildings. Roof tile and brick manufacturer Wienerberg has 4 decisions – good for 7.1 megawatts peak – to install a PV installation in Brunssum, Erlecom, Heteren and Panningen.

Omroep NOS has received a decision to supply a multi-tenant building on Mart Smeetslaan in Media Park with solar panels. Philips Medical Systems will install 1.35 megawatt peak solar panels in Best.

Care and education
As in other years, the health and educational institutions are also included in the list of organizations receiving grants.

Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital will install a total of 4.6 megawatt-peak solar panels at 2 locations in Tilburg, and Nij Smellinghe Hospital will install an additional 1 megawatt-peak solar panels on its roofs. The hospital already had 9,000 solar panels via a roof-mounted solar cell system and a solar carport.

From the world of education, ROC Midden Nederland has done good business with 5 decisions on a total of 2.1 megawatts peak solar panels. The knowledge institute TNO will supply the locations in Delft, The Hague, Petten and Soesterberg with 1.3 megawatts peak PV.

The non-solar cell companies that have scored the highest are clearly the property managers. The table below contains a selection of real estate companies – mainly active in logistics – that have been able to obtain grants.

Through its BV Ca58 Renewable Energy, Logistics Capital Partners signs the largest roof-mounted photovoltaic system that has received a decision via SDE ++ 2021. The project delivers 20 megawatts of peak solar panels to the Campus A58 distribution complex near Roosendaal.


Number of decisions

Power (megawatt peak)

Ca58 renewable energy



Warehouses De Pauw (WDP)






Northland Property



Goodman Logistics



Next level



Intospace (Somerset Capital Partners)



Second Euro Real Estate



V8 Property



C. Steinweg Group






Finally, ProRail has already collected grants several times in recent years and has now received positive decisions for the train stations in Barendrecht, Voorburg, Enschede, Almere, Den Helder, Tilburg Reeshof and Delft Campus. These are 7 projects with a capacity of 3.2 megawatts peak.

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