Van Ginkel optimizes the overview of machine rental and invoicing thanks to Webfleet

Rolling stock lessor Van Ginkel BV Rental & Sales has recently started using trackers and Bridgestone Mobility Solutions Webfleet platform. In this way, the company from Barneveld now has a complete and accurate overview of their rental fleet on hundreds of machines at any given time. The solution primarily helps to make the settlement waterproof and recover stolen machines faster in cooperation with the police.

Van Ginkel BV Rental & Sales was founded in 2004 as a lessor of machines for earth and steel constructions. Over the years, the organization has grown into a major player in the rental of cranes and lifts. In addition to private individuals, countless organizations from various sectors, such as housing construction, nature conservation and even the petrochemical industry, rely on Van Ginkel to rent equipment such as cranes, lifts, forklifts and telehandlers. The company has a rental fleet of approximately 450 machines and excels through high quality service.

With this large rental fleet, it was not always easy for Van Ginkel to maintain an overview of the equipment’s location. It was not always clear to the rental company, especially in case of theft. Furthermore, it was impossible to check whether tenants continued to use the machines after deregistration. This made it difficult to bill accurately. This sometimes led to disagreement about invoice amount or potential profit to be lost.

Overview via Webfleet platform
To find a solution to this, Van Ginkel called On-Route, a specialist in integrated fleet management solutions. This company has been a recognized partner and reseller of Webfleet of Bridgestone Mobility Solutions for many years. On-Route provided LINK 340 asset tracking systems and Webfleet vehicle tracking systems for more than 250 machines.

“Van Ginkel always has an overview of the location of its entire rental fleet via Webfleet,” said Bob Brattinga, Senior Manager Direct Sales Benelux at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. “In the event of theft, the trackers remain active and can be located quickly. It also helps to be quickly in the right place to pick up the equipment.” In addition, the solution provides complete insight into usage, operating hours and maintenance data.

Waterproof billing
Van Ginkel is now also able to remove all doubt about invoicing. “In the past, customers sometimes used lifts, even though they claimed they had been deregistered,” says Joël Fieret, sales and marketing officer at Van Ginkel. “Now we can request a report in Webfleet’s platform that indicates exact usage based on GPS data and the tracker’s start / stop function. That way we can guarantee watertight invoicing. ”

Driver identification, immobilizer and advanced navigation
In addition to the LINK 340 asset tracking, On-Route also provided vehicle tracking systems for Van Ginkel’s commercial vehicles and a driver identification and immobilizer solution for approximately thirty work platforms.

“We combine these systems with Wiron, our proprietary driver identification solution,” said Niels Hilhorst, Fleet Commander at On-Route. “For example, in the Webfleet platform, we can see who is using the equipment equipped with the trackers. Wiron also makes it possible to authorize or deny drivers permission to start a vehicle. “

The trucks are now equipped with navigation with LIVE functionality to keep track of the location accurately. In addition, Webfleet and On-Route used a fully automatic tachograph, which means that data can be read remotely and the trucks and drivers no longer have to be physically present to enter the data into the system.

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