what kind of job will it be?

ICT is an area that was hardly talked about twenty years ago. Today, it is impossible to imagine life without it, and jobs in this industry are not easy to get hold of. Sandra Verhoeven and Eric Slaats, both coaches and ICT developers at Fontys, take a look at the future and share their thoughts. Five questions (and answers).

In the ICT study, you will use a new teaching method. Explain?
“The way of teaching has changed a lot in recent years. We train students to become responsive professionals. That is, if something new happens in an environment, students must be able to react immediately. They have to keep up, because ICT is the field that is changing the most. And to realize that, we had to say goodbye to forms in the traditional sense, subjects, classrooms, exams, and lessons.

Students take challenges from the business world and choose them based on where they want to go. Teaching disrupts learning. It sounds strange, but it’s true. As a trainer – we want to get rid of the title teacher – we no longer run PowerPoints. We give students information about what they want to learn. ”

What jobs can we expect in the future?
“BlockChain, or at least the technology behind it, will become very popular with our students within three to four years. But also artificial intelligence and new forms of user interaction. Look at Google Maps: a great invention. We do not think about it anymore, but this service tells you what to do without even asking. You had a question, did not know you had it, but Google Maps has already answered it. ‘Go right here, otherwise you end up in a traffic jam’.

I also think that in the biometric industry and healthcare, they are starting to discover how much added value ICT has. You are increasingly getting crossings between ICT and other areas. You will find ICT in the operating room, an accountant’s office, in the oven, refrigerator, washing machine. IT’s everywhere. You can not live without it, it comes everywhere. In a few years, my toothbrush will probably know when to brush my teeth. ”

Which jobs in ICT are disappearing?
Sandra Verhoeven“There has been a shift of jobs that changes for years. Hard coding is happening less and less. There is AI that does it for you. We still beat it, but that aside. We no longer train students for one particular We introduce them to as many branches of ICT as possible. ”

Should we be concerned about the emergence of robots?
In the end, it’s all about architecture the right solutions. There will be new problems and you will have to solve them with new ideas. Robots can not. They respond only to common problems. While no industry is safe from robotics, IT professionals do not have to worry about it. Robots can not respond to innovation, and that is what ICT people should be able to do. “

What will the students earn?
“Wages are already rising, ICT workers are getting crazy wages. But not only that: they also get good perks. Employers don’t care, but students don’t find those things that interesting. They would much rather do what they think is cool than receive a high salary. Money is a bad incentive. ” [Karen Luiken]

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