Working day: Technology is an important tool for many aspects of sustainability

Sustainability is more than just caring for the living environment. It also includes factors such as employee satisfaction and diversity. Workday has a broad approach to sustainability. We spoke with Hette Mollema, Vice President Benelux at Workday.

“Sustainability is an important theme in many of the conversations we have, both with customers and with potential customers,” said Hette Mollema, Vice President Benelux at Workday. “We like doing business in partnership with our customers. And if you are a partner, it is important that you know how to think about a number of things. This certainly applies to major social themes such as climate-neutral entrepreneurship and cultural aspects such as inclusiveness. “We like to check with our potential customers if we are on the same page in these areas. And of course we hope to be a source of inspiration for our customers.”

On the other hand, customers are also looking at whether technology can play a role in their ESG challenges. “An example of this is the Peakon Employee Voice, which we acquired through an acquisition last year. This is a tool with which you can not only ask through surveys what is going on among your employees, but which you also enable them to provide real feedback and interact with; anonymously, if desired. “

“Such a tool is currently very important to ensure that employees are retained and retained. Because by defining the right KPIs and deciding how to measure and manage them, we provide management information that says much more than just the financial data from the annual report. ”

By using a tool like Peakon Employee Voice, users can measure the mood among a group of employees, for example from a particular location or business unit, and get their opinion on a particular topic. “A question like ‘Are we really as different as we have on the website?’ is, for example, perfect for such a measurement, and the good thing is that you can also perform all possible benchmarks with the tool. ”

“Of course we also use the tool internally, and as the person who has the ultimate responsibility for the Benelux, I always enjoy comparing the emotions in our region with those in other territories. This also allows you to identify risks. The system can tell you that one place has a greater chance of wear and tear than another. “

A lot of information
The use of technology for employee engagement also has an accelerating effect. In the past, many companies arranged a pile-up every year, where everything possible was brainstormed with their feet on the table. With the tool we have, you can ask your employees a number of questions every week. At Workday internally, we ask our employees to answer five questions every Friday. It’s two minutes of work, but provides a lot of information very quickly. And because it hardly takes time to answer the questions and we report back very often, you can see that engagement rate, or the number of employees answering the questions weekly is very high. With us, it is 97%. ”

The IT sector
“I think it’s great to see how the whole IT sector is increasingly dealing with themes like inclusiveness and VIBE. And I’m proud that Workday is really at the forefront of this. Since the founding of our company in 2005, the core values ​​of the organization have been that employees come first. “Happy employees give happy customers” was and is our motto. “

“You can also see the focus on letting employees flourish fully in our product development. For example, we are working hard to develop a competency cloud that will enable organizations to keep track of what an employee or applicant can actually do and no longer just look at what courses someone has taken and what diplomas he / she has. Has passed. . “

“In the skills cloud, AI is then used to match people’s competencies with those of others who are successful in a particular job. In any case, the use of AI plays an increasingly important role. And certainly with customers who have used our products for years, you can see that the data they have collected in the system in those years now has a predictable value. ”

The concept of ESG is fairly new, but the underlying vision has been around for some time at Workday. “For example, already in 2017 we were a CO2-neutral cloud. At present, climate aspects are included in more than half of every request or tender. The other pillars of the ESG, the social and governance aspects, are also receiving a great deal of attention. We are, of course, a US company, and in the US it is very common for companies to register and report on the ethnicity of their employees. We do not do that here, but here too we place great emphasis on diversity. ”

“I think that society as a whole has become more open-minded because we communicate much more openly that there are differences. I myself have become more and more aware of this, and I now like to look for people who are a little different in application procedures. And it also has consequences, because people with a greater diversity are now also looking for jobs. So I think they are more attracted to our open culture. ”

“It’s actually a self-fulfilling skill: First, we wrote about our open culture, so we got more applicants from different backgrounds, got these people as colleagues, and we had to be more open and tolerant back then.”

Author: Marco van der Hoeven

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