Xential ready for international leap

Ruud Vos

Despite a lengthy lawsuit, Xential has been able to build a thriving document creation practice since 2009. Now that the controversy is finally over, the Holten software company can fully concentrate on its ambitious growth plans for the next ten years. Director Ruud Vos explains.

Since 2009, Xential has been developing software for creating documents. Companies manage their content, company identity and document templates there. “With our software, we meet a basic need for our customers: good communication with their target audiences,” explains Vos. ‘We are interested in organizations that have a complex information management system; large document and data streams. We also apply standardization in processes. In this way, we increase efficiency and reduce the margin of error. At the same time, our customers can provide their target audiences with accurate, personal information at the right time. ‘

Changing market

Much is changing in the way organizations communicate with the outside world. The pandemic accelerated the changes here too. Vos: ‘I often say’ output becomes fluid ‘. By this I mean that it is no longer the case that information is only bundled in one document. There are many other ways to gather information these days: email, apps, video, in software applications and so on. What matters is that you can manage all that information accurately and that you are able to share the right information at the right time, via the right channel in terms of output. ‘

The software from the company from Twente is ideal for this. And, the director adds, ‘we help our customers make their information digitally available. For example, many people use blind reading software. For this to work properly, the information must be structured correctly. Our software helps with that. ‘ Vos predicts that the software can also be used in the future to assess reading levels, to make texts understandable to everyone.

Strategy for the future

The company from Twente has built up a solid position in the state market and has gained a foothold in Germany. The ambition is to continue to grow internationally for, as Vos describes it, ‘to be a global trendsetter in content creation’ by 2030. And to think that in 2009 the company literally addressed the first organizations with sketches of the software. According to the director, there are not many companies with so much concentrated knowledge in document management and content creation.

To continue to grow, the company is looking for additional employees, and the company is investing heavily in training: There is a development program for each employee. Xential also invests in the partner channel. ‘Our application works best in combination with other packages,’ says Vos. ‘We quickly realized that developing a partner program would be a cornerstone of our growth. In the meantime, the plans for this are ready, and we are in dialogue with existing and new partners. ‘

Legal battle

Not everything went smoothly over the last decade. From the start of the company, there was a legal battle with the competitor SmartDocuments (where the founders of Xential had worked). He accused Xential of ‘illegal competition’. The director reports that the Supreme Court recently ruled that Xential had done nothing wrong. “It means that this case has finally come to an end. The fact that, despite this long trial, we are still where we are now, makes me proud. ‘

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