YB raises the first € 900,000 for international growth

The capital raised will be used to accelerate growth even more

Formal news – YB is committed to international expansion with both its master franchise and its products for retail and food service. To accelerate this growth, the company has become a cooperative where people can become co-owners. In the meantime, 633 ambassadors have been recruited as co-owners, so that around € 900,000 can be raised for international growth.

According to YB, this amount is only a first step. There will be more rounds with the aim of connecting thousands of co-owners to the brand and further accelerating growth and impact.

Two new business units

In ten years, YB has grown from a catering company with its first branch in Utrecht to a mission-driven brand with not only thirteen own branches, but also two new business units. An international division with world-class master franchise partners, such as Autogrill, and the rollout of its ready-to-eat YB Oats as a plant-based breakfast, lunch and snack with both retail and food service partners in Northwestern Europe. Immediately after the ten-year anniversary at the end of September 2022, the company will operate exclusively plant-based.

growth money

The capital now raised will be used to accelerate this growth even more. For example, a retail sales team has been recruited, communications have been strengthened and the franchise team has been set up. In addition, a more refined branding will be launched to be able to inspire both in our own catering companies, as well as at home and on the go with products from the supermarket. In the meantime, a partnership has been entered into to bring the ready-to-eat YB Oats to international markets, and negotiations on new franchise locations in the European market are underway.


YB, founded in 2012, is a B Corp and Clipop certified Dutch chain with thirteen catering establishments in the Netherlands, which brings plant-based products outside the home all year round and operates in a climate-positive way. Wouter Staal, Founder and CEO of YB: “After this first round, we will begin registration for the next round to tie even more fans to us and involve them in our projects, plans and ambitions. In this way, we want to grow to thousands of co-owners at home and abroad within a few years. The first step has been taken. “

Source: YB / @ FoodClicks

Author: Steffen van Beek

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