What did these royal ladies study?

“There is no school to be queen,” Amalia said shortly after her eighteenth birthday. So the Crown Princess chooses a fine broad study, Politics, psychology, law and economics† In fact, today’s queens all come from very different backgrounds. What kind of training did queens of the present and the future?

Diploma in being a queen

No, none of today’s queens or crown princesses have simply been able to undergo ‘queen training’. Though royal ladies born as ‘bourgeois girls’, have nevertheless enjoyed greater freedom of study than the royal ladies who have been in the spotlight all their lives. Who studied what?

From economics to art history

Our current queen, Queen Maximaworking in a bank when they met her prince on the white horse. Money issues were and still are of great interest to Máx. No wonder she studied economics at the Catholic University of Argentina. Her Belgian colleague, Queen Mathildeholds a degree in psychology from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve. Crown Princess Elisabeth has just completed his first year in history and politics at Oxford.

And what kind of education did the Scandinavians get? Queen Margaretha of Denmark chose a little of each. For example, she studied philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and prehistoric archeology at the University of Cambridge, not necessarily an obvious choice for a (then-coming) queen. She also studied Political Science for a year in Aarhus, Paris and London. her successor, Crown-Princess Mary, is also a real studio ball. She earned both Business and Law degrees from the University of Tasmania, followed by degrees in Advertising and Marketing. Can always be useful as a galleon figure in a kingdom, right?

Corporate lawyer, marketing expert and Crown Princess Mary. Image: BrunoPress

The Swedish Queen Silvia has a diplomatic lead thanks to his education. She is a trained interpreter and speaks fluent German, Portuguese, French, Spanish, English and Swedish. Her daughter, Crown Princess Victoria, also selected a broad package in preparation for her reign. She studied French for a year in France, followed by a kind of private Swedish politics course (a bit of a special queen education after all). She then also studied political science and history at Yale in the United States. her Norwegian neighbor, Queen Sonja van Norway, who also already has a talent for languages, proves his paper from the University of Oslo with French, English and art history on. Daughter in law Crown Princess Mette-Marit went back to school after marrying his crown prince and got a master’s degree in executive ten years ago.

French and a lot of politics for Crown Princess Victoria. Image: BrunoPress

Queen Elizabeth knew from she was ten years old that she would become queen, and got a private education for it (you see, Amalia, it exists, but it certainly seems lonely to us). Duchess Camillafuture queen spouse, studied French language and literature in Paris, and Duchess Kate studied art history at St Andrew’s University in Scotland, where she met Prince William.

Art historian Kate. Image: BrunoPress

The Spanish Queen Letizia studied journalism at the University of Madrid and followed up with a PhD in Mexico, after which she became a successful reporter and presenter until she married into the royal family. what her daughter, Crown Princess Leonor, choose after his schooling in Wales is still open to questions. We gamble something with history and politics – which for most heirs to the throne seems to come closest to a queen’s education.

Source: Kongehuset, Royal Central, Kungahuset, Hi! † Image: BrunoPress

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