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ADVERTISE • Something hidden in the industrial area in Borne is BE | Allbrass industry. A twin company with international appeal. A manufacturing company that makes different parts that you use every day. The company has been around since 1949 and is anything but leaving. Rather the opposite, too much will change in the near future due to a million investment for further development. To be precise: eight million is being invested in machinery and people. Where various (production) companies in the region choose to leave, Allbrass Industrial sees the opportunity to invest further.

‘Requires many hands’

“We believe in the Dutch manufacturing industry, and with the right investments in people and technology, we will further strengthen our position,” said CEO Rob Blokzijl. With the million investment, the machinery is renewed. On the one hand to be able to work more efficiently with new machines and further automation. But also to attract new technicians, from operators to engineers and other employees. For it is clear from the many open vacancies

“And it’s not even all the vacancies, there are many more options,” says Tom Driessen. As HR manager at Allbrass Industrial, he never gets bored. “We need many, many hands to keep improving. Therefore, there are also different opportunities for anyone who wants to develop further. I hope this investment is a clear signal that you have come to the right place when it comes to developing our business. ” It must be clear, never before has it been so difficult to find staff, the government will have to revise the labor market to break this trend, but at Allbrass Industrial they are not waiting for what they are going to work on themselves in a creative way. If you have the right skills and would like to develop, there are various options, especially with the advent of new technology.

Growth in investment, but also in people

The company has always had a groundbreaking attitude. Working here means that you must be passionate about further development. The challenge lies in the further development of the process and not in the further development of the product. The latter is performed by the customers to whom Allbrass Industrial supplies. Every change brings challenges, and with multi-million dollar injection of new machines, it is no different. It is a time of challenge and further development. New machines mean new ways of handling the production process even more efficiently and effectively. Allbrass Industrial has traditionally been a flat organization where anyone can go. “It is important that you have the right attitude and experience, it is not always on a CV. The crucial thing is that you fit into the versatile team. We will take care of that piece of paper later by offering the right training, “says Driessen.

Job guarantee

This means that you get a job guarantee if you apply and fit into the team. After all, in this tech world, jobs are really up for grabs. Allbrass Industrial handles the current shortage in the market in a smart way. Our starting point is: ‘Do not keep focusing on the perfect candidate, but work among a wider target group. That paper and that hard skillsYou can work on it together. Do not dwell on harsh demands, but focus on the essential tasks. Which personality fits in between this and are the job requirements still relevant? up to date or can someone who does not fit in on the ‘beaten path’ fit in much better on the team? ‘ “Eight million is a big investment for the next two years. That investment pays off quickly if we also succeed in finding the right people, “concludes Driessen.

BE | Allbrass Industrial is a specialist in hot pressing and brass processing. With her extensive expertise in product and process technology, she succeeds in making products more efficient, series-produced and at the lowest possible cost. Zero errors are always the goal. BE | Allbrass Industrial is certified according to IATF 16949 and part of Bons & Evers Holding and HFM Solutions.

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